Tyranny and the Cloud

Only one thing worries me about the cloud: It facilitates state control because Cloud Computing reverses the decentralization (distribution) of computer power that heralded the internet. I think I got this fear from Cory Doctorow and his “The coming war on general computing.”

Anyway, maybe it is just a phase. Distributed Computing may very well be making a comeback as we see the end of Cloud Computing.

“World War III will be a global information war with no division between civilian and military participation.” -Marshal McLuhan

Ireland’s Wars

There is a very articulate and entertaining young man blogging at Never Felt Better.

I am really enjoying his series on Ireland’s Wars.

He offers a very solid overview of some of the less well know aspects of Ireland’s military history. It is written in a contemporary “voice” that makes the stories and the analysis very accessible, using language and ideas from contemporary conflicts to illustrate points.

Very good blog and highly recommended.