My name is Jonathan Davis, I am an Irish-South African Program Manager at Microsoft, based in Copenhagen. LimbicNutrition is my personal weblog and everything posted here represents my personal opinion only.

LimbicNutrition is a record of what I find interesting, plus occasional commentary and essays on a range of subjects.

Here are some “Interest clusters” that give an indication of the sort of things you will find here:

  • Humanities: Architecture, Industrial Design, Photography & Photographers, Art, film (factual & documentaries), Literature, Music
  • Law : Jurisprudence, Criminology, International Law.
  • Media and Communication: Journalism, Media Theory, Propaganda, Mediated Society, ITC
  • Militaria: Weapons of war, Military history, martial psychology, tactics and strategy, contemporary warfare, military ethics & self-defense
  • Misc: Maps, Africa, Serbia, Belgrade, London, Denmark, Terrorism, Peak Oil, Mythology, Street Psychology, Film-making, Podcasting, Computing, Meditation
  • Politics & Philosophy: Activism, Persuasion, Critical Thinking, Mens’s Issues, Stoicism, Buddhism, Altruism & Non-bystanding
  • Science: Behavioural Sciences, Anthropology, Neuroscience, Evolutionary Psychology, Memetics, Semiotics, Sociology & Health Sciences
  • Business: Cybersecurity/Infosec, Agile Software development, DevOps, Consultancy, Communications, Negotiation, Customer Service, Project Management, Productivity, Corporate Psychology and Sustainable Economic Development

In weblog terms, LimbicNutrition is ancient old coot. It was created in July 2001 on the Moveable Type platform, and cloned from an older Blogger based weblog I had been using since 1999 to keep a record of research, interesting articles and web finds. I was inspired to start it by Jorn Barger’s magnificent RobotWisdom proto-blog.

The name LimbicNutrition is obviously a bit silly and way too long, but at the time I started the blog I thought it was devilishly clever. Limbic Nutrition means “Food for the pleasure centre of the brain”: the Limbic System.

I hope it succeeds in nourishing your mind.

Tracking LimbicNutrition is the easiest way to keep up with what I am working on, thinking about and interested in. You may also want to follow me on Twitter, or connect with me on Facebook, or LinkedIn.

I have recently moved to Copenhagen, Denmark after many years in Belgrade, Serbia .

If you would like to get in touch, please e-mail me using the Contact Us form.

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  1. Bev

    can you or a group you know help me please
    My grandsons aged 5 and 3 were taken into care in November up to the court case i had no involvement with Leeds SS even though they visited my daughter and her boys regular.
    When we went to court i asked if i could look after the boys and was told that they didn’t have enough assessments on me which i totally agree with as i wouldn’t want them placing the boys with just anyone.
    The day after the court case they youngest’s auntie Tracey got in touch with SS and asked if the boys could live with her even though she is living in a house share, i was told we both would need to be assessed, Last week we went to court and baring in mind we have only had our DBS done so far as part of this Kinship assessment the SS solictor said in court they were keen for the boys to live with Tracey so keen in fact that they have offered to help her get re housed, i was in court but didn’t warrant mentioning as far as SS is concerned.
    Tracey has only been in the boys lives for a month or two before they were taken into care unlike me who has been there for them since day 1
    The day the boys was taken was the worst day of my life an to be disregarded like a nobody
    I could offer the boys a stable family life while this csse is been dealt with but SS wuld prefer them to go to a stranger who isn’t interested in the boys if she was she would have been in their lives through out instread of turning up 3 years after her brother and my daughter seperated
    I rang SS to speak to them to find out why i was disregarded and was told someone would ring me back shortly that was a week ago and i am still waiting for that elusive phone call
    Both myself and my daughter feel we are been over looked in favour of a virtual stranger and terrified we are goiung to lose the boys forever


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