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Hail the Maintainers

by Limbic on December 25, 2016

I am finally clearing out some old Instapaper articles. One that I really enjoyed was Andrew Russell’s examination of our civilizational obsession with “innovation” at the expense of maintenance and sustainable operability.

This is something we in cloud services learned fairly recently. Features are increasingly table stakes, fundamentals (e.g. availability, supportability, security, privacy, operability, maintainability, etc.) are the crucial differentiators.

Hail the Maintainers 




Satya Nadella–New CEO of Microsoft

by Limbic on February 6, 2014

I am very happy he has been chosen. I liked him from the first moment I saw him.



The 10 wastes of IT

by Limbic on September 11, 2012

From Mike Orzen ( @MikeOrzenLeanIT ) comes a solid post on the 10 wastes of IT:

  1. Overproduction
  2. Over-processing
  3. Defects
  4. Over-engineering
  5. Inventory
  6. Transportation
  7. Waiting
  8. Motion
  9. Unused creativity
  10. Technical Debt

From: http://itrevolution.com/the-7-wastes-of-devops/