February 2012

“Work according to Program and not according to mood.”

by LimbicNutrition Shorts on February 27, 2012

“”Work according to Program and not according to mood. “”

Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments of Writing & Daily Creative Routine | Brain Pickings

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"In my country, child rape is OK"

by Limbic on February 23, 2012

The horrors of the scandalous Child Rape and Multiculturalism story keep emerging, now though the criminal trials that have started. This is from today’s The Times (no link, behind paywall):

An alleged rapist and child pimp told a 15-year-old girl that he was doing nothing wrong by delivering her to numerous Pakistani men for sex because “in his country you’re allowed to have sex with girls from the age of 11”, a court heard yesterday. The 59-year-old man, who cannot be named, is one of 11 men accused of a series of sexual offences over a two-year period against young teenagers from Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

Five vulnerable girls, aged from 13 to 15, are said to have been groomed with gifts of alcohol, food and money by men whose aim was to use them for sex before sharing them with their friends and relatives.

…Despite speaking to detectives, the girl continued to be subjected to regular sexual abuse by a widening group of men. Her exploitation is finally said to have ended when she became pregnant five months later.

…In her 2008 interview, the slim teenager – her voice at times barely rising above a whisper – sat hunched forward, arms crossed protectively in front of her body as she gave a detailed account of her abuse. She said that pressure had repeatedly been placed on her to have sex with the man, his friends and once, “for a treat”, with his nephew.
…The court heard that he and other men subsequently had sex with her in cars, flats and houses. She was also taken to have sex with men in Oldham and Bradford. “He kept bringing people, making me have sex with them and then giving me money to keep my mouth shut,” she said.

She said that on one occasion, she told him that she was 15 and that he would “get done if I tell the police”.
“[He] was saying he won’t get done, because in his country he can have sex with girls from the age of 11.”

From “The Times”, “Alleged rapist “said under-age sex was allowed in his country”, 23rd Feb 2012

So there you have it.

This is the peril of uncontrolled immigration. All manner of savagery and barbaric practices and imported along with  immigrants from barbaric places. Politically Correct police and social services are too diffident to stand up to it. So the most vulnerable – children – end up being raped and exploited.

If ever multiculturalism’s wrongs were laid bare, this is it.


Algorithm wars and ultrafast machine ecologies

by Limbic on February 18, 2012

In an amazing 2011 TED talk, Kevin Slavin explained how “algorithms shape our world”.

Its well worth a watch to prepare you for the the main part of this post, an analysis of Black Swan events  in financial markets caused by exactly the sort of algorithms Slavin describes.

From “Financial black swans driven by ultrafast machine ecology”:

Society’s drive toward ever faster socio-technical systems, means that there is an urgent need to understand the threat from ‘black swan’ extreme events that might emerge. On 6 May 2010, it took just five minutes for a spontaneous mix of human and machine interactions in the global trading cyberspace to generate an unprecedented system-wide Flash Crash. However, little is known about what lies ahead in the crucial sub-second regime where humans become unable to respond or intervene sufficiently quickly. Here we analyze a set of 18,520 ultrafast black swan events that we have uncovered in stock-price movements between 2006 and 2011. We provide empirical evidence for, and an accompanying theory of, an abrupt system-wide transition from a mixed human-machine phase to a new all-machine phase characterized by frequent black swan events with ultrafast durations (<650ms for crashes, <950ms for spikes). Our theory quantifies the systemic fluctuations in these two distinct phases in terms of the diversity of the system’s internal ecology and the amount of global information being processed. Our finding that the ten most susceptible entities are major international banks, hints at a hidden relationship between these ultrafast ‘fractures’ and the slow ‘breaking’ of the global financial system post-2006. More generally, our work provides tools to help predict and mitigate the systemic risk developing in any complex socio-technical system that attempts to operate at, or beyond, the limits of human response times.

As a great friend of mine, who happens to be a banker who is very senior in the markets, once commented to me by mail, talking about how trading was accelerating into millisecond cascades as described by this paper:

slow the fck down everyone


MTU f**k you

by Limbic on February 18, 2012

So a few months ago I replaced my cable model internet connection with an ADSL connection from my company.

It meant I had to use the company’s ADSL route on the front-end and my wireless router acting as a wireless bridge and switch.

Then I noticed my PPTP VPN’s were broken. One would disconnect in under 5 seconds, the other would last a few minutes then the connection would be dropped (i.e. I could not brown sites, fetch mail or IM) but the VPN would still be “connected”.

Initially I thought the problem was the two routers. But a quick check directly from the primary router discounted that. I hd the same behaviour via wireless or ethernet on the primary router.

My console log (I am using OSX Lion) showed some weird things in pptp.log, for example hundreds of entries after the connection dropped saying :

        Protocol-Reject for unsupported protocol 0x9264

After checking that Tunnelblick was not causing problem, stopping virtual interfaces, stopping the bonjour service and stopping ESET anti-virus, I stumbled upon the solution:

Change the MTU size on the device.

My new ADSL router could not handle a PPTP connection with an MTU of 1500. Setting MTU to 1450 on both the wireless and ethernet adapters 1450 fixed it. On OSX you find the MTU settings under System Preferences –> Network –> Select adapter (e.g. wireless or ethernet) –> Advanced — Hardware.

Putting this out there in case it helps someone else.


Brainstorming Doesn’t Really Work

by Limbic on February 15, 2012

The first empirical test of Osborn’s brainstorming technique was performed at Yale University, in 1958. Forty-eight male undergraduates were divided into twelve groups and given a series of creative puzzles. The groups were instructed to follow Osborn’s guidelines. As a control sample, the scientists gave the same puzzles to forty-eight students working by themselves. The results were a sobering refutation of Osborn. The solo students came up with roughly twice as many solutions as the brainstorming groups, and a panel of judges deemed their solutions more “feasible” and “effective.” Brainstorming didn’t unleash the potential of the group, but rather made each individual less creative. Although the findings did nothing to hurt brainstorming’s popularity, numerous follow-up studies have come to the same conclusion. Keith Sawyer, a psychologist at Washington University, has summarized the science: “Decades of research have consistently shown that brainstorming groups think of far fewer ideas than the same number of people who work alone and later pool their ideas.

Brainstorming Doesn’t Really Work : The New Yorker. via Simoleonsense


Yugoslav Space Program? You’ve been hoaxed…

by Limbic on February 15, 2012

My wife recently found this clip on YouTube. Wonderful spoof about the (non-existent) Yugoslav space program.

See an interview with the creator, Ziga Virc.