Politics is unbecoming

Social media has turned us all into politicians.

Everyone now has to behave and talk as though we are public figures, like politicians.

Previously only public figures were ensnared in scandals or generated outrage by being hypocrites or committing peccadillos.

They spoke in carefully rehearsed, focus group tested sound bites: Bland  guarded speech with Dog whistles and indirect speech signaling to allies.

Now most of us speak like this publicly out of fear of giving offense or triggering a Twitter mob other similar Cancel Culture mob.

Others are going all in on wrapping themselves in Munger’s Chains

Some are are arguing that we should stop talking about politics entirely

I suspect we will return to more private politics once this latest spate of unrest passes.

  • Our political opinions and choices will be kept for secret and private
  • We will return to a situation where professional politicians will lay out their stalls (ideas, manifestos) and we will vote for them in secret ballots.
  • If we do engage in politics, we will do so privately or pseudonymously to protect against bad faith reputational or professional or social attacks.

The pushback will come that “the private is political” or “the personal is political”, or worse, that silence is consent or even violence. This is itself a form of political compulsion by the currently dominant ideology. Forced attestation and loyalty checks are the hallmark of totalitarianism. It was used by Nazis, Soviets, Khmer Rouge, and Maoists.

You always have the right of exit, the right to refuse participation, the right to privacy, to keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself and to express you political choices in secret.

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