If she’s hot and you’re not

Forget the military, every middle-aged man should get this poster and internalize the message. Beware “Aesthetic Asymmetry”. You are either harassing the person (unwanted attention) or their reason for being “interested” in you is sketchy (money, information, manipulation). It is rarely your character or non-physical attractiveness.

Gopniks: Slavic deplorables

“Russian Gargoyles”.  Squatting seems to be popular with Gopota. 

My Ukrainian pal Nikita introduced me to this term. From Wikipedia:

Gopnik is a pejorative term to describe a particular subculture in Russia, Eastern Europe, former Soviet republics, and other Slavic countries to refer aggressive young men or women of lower-class suburbans (usually under 25 years of age) coming from families of poor education and income, somewhat similar to American white trash, British chavs, Australian bogans and Scottish neds.

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