Conformity Enforcers are The Resistance

[Another forgotten post from the draft folder from Sep 2010]

This was an insight that Howard Bloom’s Conformity Enforcers and Stephen Pressfield’s concept of The Resistance are linked, or at least serve the same ends.

The Dickless Society

 Dickless society

Just watched an extraordinary program on DR2 (Denmark). 

Reality TV star Thomas Blachman (of X Factor fame) has launched a new series to raise awareness of the feminization of society, what he characterised as “the dickies society”. 

The format is somewhat unconventional: 

Blackman and his guest sit on a couch in a black room, and a series of female models present themselves to them, disrobe, and stand there stark naked whilst Blackman and his guest discuss them, their bodies, lust, society etc. 

I did not really understand most of it, but my wife tells me the discussion was very interesting and not sexist at all. Quite the opposite, Blackman and his guest were thoughtful, open about their own vulnerabilities, and very respectful to the models. 

None the less, it has all gone off in Denmark. They are debating the show on the local equivalent of “Panorama”.