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What happened to RobotWisdom?

by Limbic on April 17, 2015

Jorn Barger, 2008

Jorn Barger, 2008

As many of you know RobotWisdom was the proto-Weblog and Bjorn Barger the father of blogging. I have posted about him several times. He has drifted in and out of view since 2003, but now  Ogi Djuraskovic has a very nice history of the site and Barger –  Jorn Barger and Where “Blog” Came From .


Robotwisdom is back!

by Limbic on February 21, 2005

Jorn Barger stopped posting to his superb Robotwisdom weblog (he coined the term weblog in 1998) well over a year ago. He’s back.

I disagree with the man’s politics but his weblog was one of the finest reads on the web until he stopped posting – possibly as a protest against the Iraq War – in 2003.

Welcome back Jorn!



Old school super-sites you must see

by Limbic on March 11, 2009

As part of my ongoing media diet, I recently pared down my RSS feeds to under 300 subscriptions (most of them in my Archived folder on Google Reader).

Then I decided to clean up my list of sites that do not have RSS feeds . It was a fruitful exercise because I was reintroduced to some of my favorite sites, and I have decided to share them here. I may add to this list as I clear out more old favorites in the coming weeks.

Today’s list of sites are all either one man super-sites or old school wikis. I hope you like them as mush as I do.

Jorn Barger’s RobotWisdom

Jorn Barger was the inventor of blogging. His RobotWisdom website is an absolute delight.

The original RobotWisdom site is currently having technical issues, but you can see the archive copy of it here .

Don’t miss the wonderful “Solace: a textbook of romantic psychology” .

Also see “Jorn’s 50 favorite authors” , his Edward Gibbon one page portal and hundreds of other similar gems, best accessed via the site map.

After disappearing for a while in protest (I think) at the Iraq war, he is now back in various places: – RobotWisdom on Tumblr – New linkblog – Flickr faves – Google Reader shared items.

(also at )

Jan Geerinck’s Arts and Popular Culture Wiki-

Jan started off with the magnificent , but then moved on tothe Art and Popular Culture wiki.

Please do yourselves a favour and check them both out. They are both stuffed with delights.

Howard Bloom’s Homepage –

Howard Bloom is one of my absolute favorite public intellectuals. As I wrote in a previous post “Howard Bloom is a genius. I rate him as one of the most interesting living intellectuals. He is an intellectual idol of mine, king of the The Omnologists, polymath, gentleman and scholar.”

His site is an unsexy chaotic hodgepodge, but this is one of the worlds great thinkers. take the time to explore and you will be stunned by the brilliance of what you find.

Dont miss:

Reinventing Capitalism – putting soul in the machine: A radical reperception of Western Civilisation

Wrestling with Mother Nature: Osama, Michael Jackson, and the Bungle In Iraq By Howard Bloom

INSTANT EVOLUTION The Influence of the City on Human Genes

The Omnologist Manifesto

Richard Drake’s Why 2K –

Coming across this bizarrely brilliant wiki was akin to finding an abandoned city of a former civilization full of wisdom written in your own language.

It appears that this was, of all things, a Christian offshoot of the ward Cunningham’s ur-Wiki.

I discovered it whilst researching of my favorite books of all time, Neville Shute’s “Round the Bend“. A good indication of the sort discussion they had is one about “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” .

The discussion ranges from Philosophy to Software Design, includes brilliant insights and contributions from none other than Kevin Kelly, another of my favorite intellectuals.

Check out a few landing pages like “Tainted By Tribalism“, “Frozen Accidents“, “Original Orwellian Nightmare“, “Many Original Thinkers Exaggerate

From “Make It Did’nt Happen

“The desire to recreate some lost happiness often destroys the potential for present happiness. Yet when faced with horrible events we inevitably wish to Make It Didn’t Happen.”

Here is a gem from the CS Lewis Atrocity Test:

“In Mere Christianity CS Lewis suggests that a key indicator of whether we are on the side of the angels is on hearing reports of atrocities committed by our “enemies”. If later we hear reliable reports that the atrocities were not in fact as bad as originally described, Lewis asks, what is our reaction? If it is one of disappointment, we are in big trouble. If it is of virtuous relief that human suffering is in fact less that we supposed, no medals but we can at least move on to the next stage. “

You can find out more about Richard Drake here.

Edward Tufte’s Works –

Edward Tufte is one of the worlds great masters if Visual Thinking and Information Design. His site hosts one of the best discussions boards I know.

See some example threads on topics like “Grand truths about human behaviour ” and “Advice for effective analytical reasoning” for a taste of the brilliance you can expect throughout.

Think2 –

“For a person to become what they are–rather than what society makes them out to be–individual responsibility and courage are required. To become what you really are, you can’t just go along with the flow and do what seems to be the most popular. Certainly, good ideas and such should be borrowed and incorporated into one’s personal philosophy. To find those good ideas, however, requires a willingness to think, a willingness to change, and courage to explore.

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to take my (or someone else’s) word for it, or are you going to live your own thoughtful existence based on a solid methodology?”

Dave Straker’s Changing Minds, Quality Tools and Creating Minds

It is hard to believe one man could have put together these brilliant websites alone. It is a testament to patiently building your website to the highest standards. You can get lost in these sites, they are wonderful.

(see also )

Anthony Judge’s Laetus in Praesens

It is impossible to summarize this site, its author and the superb essays on find on it. Just take a look at the Themes page for an idea of the sort of topics covered.

Mark Humphrys’ Writings on Politics and Religion –

Irishman Mark Humphrys’ has assembled some of the best political websites I have ever seen. Its not Web 2.0 with and fancy menus and smooth fonts, but if you want exhaustive resources, insightful commentary and all round fine thinking on politics, then this site is a must see.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Opacity –

Delightful series of short notes, observations and ideas that will not make it into NNT’s next book. If these are the rejects, I can only wonder how brilliant his next book will be.

Alan Chapman’s Business Balls

One of the most comprehensive sets of business tools, templates, techniques and how-to’s.

There is now a thriving community at

(For a similar site, but commercial, see )

MeatBall Wiki –

“Meatball is a community of active practitioners striving to teach each other how to organize people using online tools.”

Don’t be fooled by this dry description, Meatball is teeming with brilliant contributers and ideas. This is not just for community builders, but is a fascinating repository of practical wisdom related to human nature, communication, psychology, communities, conflicts, cooperation and collaboration.

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-05

by Limbic on December 5, 2008

  • Like @robotwisdom, “i’m in search of hi-quality lo-volume twitterers”. Anyone have a “Must Follow People” list? – #


My (Current) Twitter “Must Follow” List

by Limbic on December 5, 2008

This is where I will maintain a list of my top Twitter feed recommendations. You could, of course, just see who I am following, but that does not tell you why, and as I find new and interesting people, that list will grow.

Thanks to Leon (@leon_jacobs) for pointing out that I did not reveal my own twitter id! I am @limbic . My Belgrade related feed is @bgfvc

High quality, low volume

High Volume but so good its worth the deluge…

  • Ian David Chapman – Genuine expert on social media, higher volume but also high quality
  • Guy Kawasaki – Web Celebrity but very conversational and good links.
  • Tim O’Rielly – Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media, chatty but good.
  • James O’Reilly – Polymath and generally interesting global nomad.
  • Tim Ferriss – Author of the “4 Hours Work Week”.

Broad based appeal

  • Phil Glyford – Long enjoyed this guys excellent weblog, now tweets.
  • Kevin Marks – Google insider and generally posts intersting technically inclined tweets.
  • Clay Shirky – Another web celebrity, but very likeable and very smart
  • Alex (Emp) – personal data flow: neuroscience <-> bioengineering <-> product design <-> social architecture -> entrepreneur -> party
  • Robyn – “Buffoon, auteur, gentlewoman”. Great blog too.
  • Erin Pettigrew – “New media and marketing maven.”


Belgrade, Serbia related

Please see my Belgrade Foreign Visitors Club feed for a full list of my Serbia/Belgrade/Balkans follow list.

DanicaR – The queen of Belgrade new media.



Solace: a textbook of romantic psychology

by Limbic on May 11, 2008

Luis Riccardo Faléro

A wonderful resource from Robotwisdom on romantic love:

Here are several thousand quotes about romantic love, set within an analysis of the normal course it takes:

* Wishing (and loneliness)
* Seeking (includes dating-advice genre)
* Hoping (the symptoms of love)
* Planning (the best intentions)
* Weighing (is this match plausible?)
* Qualms (so many things could go wrong)
* Courting [to be added as available, from here on]
* Courted
* Losing
* Loving
* Testing
* Trying
* Fading
* Bereaved/Ricorso
* Bibliography: my most-used texts, besides poetry, are Stendhal’s “Love”, Ortega y Gasset’s “On Love”, and novels by Flaubert, Tolstoy, and Iris Murdoch.
* Theory: this work is intended as a new paradigm for the social sciences, making possible computer simulations of human behavior.

[From Solace: a textbook of romantic psychology]



by Limbic on August 15, 2007

My name is Jonathan Davis, I am an Irish-South African Program Manager at Microsoft, based in Copenhagen. LimbicNutrition is my personal weblog and everything posted here represents my personal opinion only.

LimbicNutrition is a record of what I find interesting, plus occasional commentary and essays on a range of subjects.

Here are some “Interest clusters” that give an indication of the sort of things you will find here:

  • Humanities: Architecture, Industrial Design, Photography & Photographers, Art, film (factual & documentaries), Literature, Music
  • Law : Jurisprudence, Criminology, International Law.
  • Media and Communication: Journalism, Media Theory, Propaganda, Mediated Society, ITC
  • Militaria: Weapons of war, Military history, martial psychology, tactics and strategy, contemporary warfare, military ethics & self-defense
  • Misc: Maps, Africa, Serbia, Belgrade, London, Terrorism, Peak Oil, Mythology, Street Psychology, Film-making, Podcasting, Computing, Meditation.
  • Politics & Philosophy: Activism, Persuasion, Critical Thinking, Mens’s Issues, Stoicism, Buddhism, Altruism & Non-bystanding
  • Science: Behavioural Sciences, Anthropology, Neuroscience, Evolutionary Psychology, Memetics, Semiotics, Sociology & Health Sciences
  • The Venusian Arts: Love and Relationships  Married  🙂
  • Business: Agile Software development, DevOps, Consultancy, Communications, Negotiation, Customer Service, Project Management, Productivity, Corporate Psychology and Sustainable Economic Development.

In weblog terms, LimbicNutrition is ancient old coot. It was created in July 2001 on the Moveable Type platform, and cloned from an older Blogger based weblog I had been using since 1999 to keep a record of research, interesting articles and web finds. I was inspired to start it by Jorn Barger’s magnificent RobotWisdom proto-blog.

The name LimbicNutrition is obviously a bit silly and way too long, but at the time I started the blog I thought it was devilishly clever. Limbic Nutrition means “Food for the pleasure centre of the brain”: the Limbic System.

I hope it succeeds in nourishing your mind.

Tracking LimbicNutrition is the easiest way to keep up with what I am working on, thinking about and interested in. You may also want to follow me on Twitter, or connect with me on  Flickr, Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn.

I have recently moved to Denmark after many years in Belgrade, Serbia .

If you would like to get in touch, please e-mail me using the Contact Us form.


Science's unanswered questions

by Limbic on July 2, 2005

The next 100 questions for science

…and 125 more. (via Robotwisdom)


"only racists defend israel"

by Limbic on May 10, 2005

This is the little title at the top of Jorn Barger’s otherwise excellent robot wisdom weblog.

Well Jorn, here is a lesson in logic for you: I defend Israel and I am not a racist.

There goes your claim.