Deterring False Accusations

by Limbic on August 9, 2014

A recent article from Denmark reminded me of the shameful injustice men face in the family courts and society at large at the hands of false accusers, both of rape and child abuse.

Child safety procedures and impunity for accusers mean that in Denmark,

“When a mother accuses her child’s father of being a paedophile during custody battles following divorce proceedings, the father immediately loses his visitation and custody rights. It can be virtually impossible for the father to then regain the right to see his children, even if the accusations are later found to be completely unfounded.

There are no immediate consequences for a mother for filing a baseless accusation against a father. In fact, the time the father is forced to be away can help the mother strengthen her relationship with the child, which in turn strengthens her position in any custody cases.

“Courts often decide custody based on which parent has a stronger relationship with the child,” said Sørensen.” – From  Copenhagen Post

False accusers utterly destroy lives. The law should punish malicious accusations forcefully.


Innocense of Denmark

by Limbic on August 8, 2014

"Trust is a reducer of social complexity" by Pelle Sten
“Trust is a reducer of social complexity” by Pelle Sten (Flickr)

I continue to be astounded at how vulnerable Danes and Denmark are to cyber criminals.

Everyone needs Java installed to operate NemID, the authentication mechanism that is used by every government IT system and accepted as a mechanisms for almost all large business too (e.g. banks). Admittedly NemID itself uses a decent two factor authentication system, but an entire country with Java installed.

You need to give your social security to everyone. Video rental stores, dentists, language schools, they all need it. As a consequence there have been some mega breaches of the database. There is no current way to change it either, so it is likely that bad actors have CPR numbers for most adult Danes.

Everyone is in the phone directory by default. People put their names on the their doors and post boxes. It is identity theft paradise and Danish online retailers pay a heavy price for it.

All these systems are interconnected too. I was amazed when I got my passport picture taken at a local studio and they informed me that part of the price was automatic submission of the photos to the passport bureau.

Wonderful convenience. Just what IT should be. But wide open to exploitation?


The Four Freedoms

by Limbic on May 25, 2014

The four freedoms according to Roosevelt:

  • Freedom of speech.
  • Freedom of worship.
  • Freedom from want.
  • Freedom from fear.

via Matt Mullenweg.



“A nervous little girl waits with her dolls and her luggage before being evacuated to the countryside during World War 2, London, May 1940″

(Via Reddit HistoryPorn)


Traditional Russian Mace, Ukraine, 2014

by Limbic on May 17, 2014


“A pro-Russian activist holds a mace outside the regional government headquarters in Luhansk, eastern Ukraine, April 29, 2014.”


Gunship by Alex Ichim

by Limbic on May 17, 2014

Gunship by alex ichim d77ysyw


Child Soldier

by Limbic on May 17, 2014

Child soldier by fightpunch d6ztwtt

“Child soldier” by Flightpunch


Such a heartbreaking picture. A mother learns that her son died in Soviet captivity, along with up to 1 million other German POWs captured during WW2. 

Lossy page1 454px A returned German prisoner of war identified this woman s son He will never return because he is dead Prisoners NARA 541970 tif

“A returned German prisoner of war identified this woman’s son. He will never return because he is dead. Prisoners released by the Soviet Union, Germany, 1955.”



Armed girl at checkpoint, Ukraine 2014

by Limbic on May 17, 2014

Armed girl at checkpoint Ukraine 2014

Armed girl at checkpoint, Ukraine 2014 (source unknown)



The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot | julian peters comics