UFO videotaped over Serbia

by Limbic on June 18, 2008

This is apparently a video  “taken from a commercial jetliner en route to Crete while over Serbia.”

How long before the Radical Party picks this up as “proof” of CIA activity over Serbia or the CIA uses this as “proof” that Serbia has acquired some sort of North Korean flying WMD to use for ethnically cleansing Kosovo?

Looks like a cloud to me.

Phantoms and Monsters: Paranormal, Unusual and Extraterrestrial Events


Tomorrow Belongs to Them?

by Limbic on May 5, 2008

Belgrade 2.0 highlights some wonderful digital guerilla warfare against the Radical party. Make sure you check out the spoof “Tomorrow Belongs To Them” (below).

[From Belgrade 2.0: Tomorrow belongs to them]


e’Lollipop – Return of the Classic

by Limbic on April 22, 2008

e’Lollipop [IMDB], one of South Africa’s most famous and successful films,  has been re-released on DVD in advance of a sequel, e’Lollipop 2: Tsepo’s Story.

From the film website:

“First released in 1976, this extraordinary motion picture story of two South African children and their dog, Sugarball, touched the hearts of audiences around the world.

Despite the fear, hatred and brutality that plagued South Africa in the mid-1970’s, e’Lollipop told a story of friendship and commitment that transcended racial boundaries.

After nearly being banned in South Africa under Apartheid, it went on to become a cult classic. Shot in Southern Africa, Lesotho and New York, e’Lollipop was seen in over 40 countries and starred local and international talent including the late Ken Gampu, Oscar and Golden Globe Award Winner José Ferrer, and Golden Globe Nominee Karen Valentine.”

It really is a beautiful story. Also from the site:

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Crazy Love

by Limbic on April 2, 2008

From the ever superb Kevin Kelly, come this introduction to the documentary film Crazy Love:

Love is weird. This is a riveting story about a mutual love/hate relationship so obsessive, so disturbing, so insane, and yet in the end so conventional, that it challenges your own concept of love — and sanity. The guy is a certified psycho stalker, but what is she? The film’s twisted tale gets creepier as it goes along, but what makes this documentary memorable — and elevates it above a generic tabloid story — is how ordinary it all ends. Can love really conquer such psychosis? You could not make this plot up.

True Film: Crazy Love


Need superb underwater footage?

by Limbic on February 7, 2008

Documentary film-maker and underwater videographer Steve Hurford  has finally got around to licensing some of his clips for use by other film-makers. Check out the clips on iStockphoto or watch his moves at MySpace and Youtude.

Exclusive Videographer : shurford |


Africa addio (1966)

by Limbic on December 11, 2007

Considered to be a classic of the Mondo genre, some consider “Africa addio” to be a racist exploitation shockumentary whilst others consider it to be a an artist classic with a magnificent score. Could it be both?

Review by Conrad H Roth – considers it a masterpiece.

Duke at BlogCritics says “Africa Addio is a masterpiece, and among the greatest films ever made, but I also stand by my assertion that it is morally disgusting, despicably racist and consistently reprehensible.”

Africa addio (1966) at the Internet Movie Database – 6.8 out of 10.

DVD Maniacs review the entire Mondo Cane opus

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by Limbic on November 25, 2007

Behold the Techno Viking! Below are still from the infamous Kneecam No. 1 video by Matthias Fritsch featuring the most terrifying raver in history: Techno Viking.

The action takes place in 2000, at Belin’s “Fuckparade” (a response by nasty people to the feel good Love Parade) and is entirely unscripted.

Below is a YouTube version of the video (here is a higher quality .mov version).

Techno Viking enters about 38 seconds in, but the hilarity really starts at 01:30 (or -02:30) . It is almost unbearably funny.


You may also enjoy the captioned version.


The Laughing Yoga

by Limbic on July 12, 2006

Truly funny clip from YouTube



U.S. director John Cameron Mitchell, who has brought “Shortbus” to Cannes, agrees that young people are increasingly using the Internet to replace real sex.

In Shortbus, he has collected an ensemble of non-professional actors who engage in real on-screen sex and masturbation in an attempt to de-mystify the subject. He does not consider his film to be pornography.

“There are kids who have seen pornography from a very early age, before they are ever gonna have sex,” said Larry Clark, one of the directors of the eccentric “Destricted” — a compilation of explicit sex-centered stories.

In his own short film, Clark interviews young men about their sexual preferences and then allows one candidate to appear with his favorite porn-star.

“When I was a kid noone told me nothing. Now you can go onto the Internet and find out anything … (Young people) are looking at pornography and they are thinking that this is the way to have sex,” Clark said, noting his film was educational.

In a recent discussion amongst several male friends and I, several guys revealed they had found that younger girls (21-25 in 2006) behave like porn stars in bed.

It is not surprising really considering the saturation of porn into contemporary life.

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Happy Slapping for pervs: Sharking

by Limbic on July 6, 2005

File under Only In Japan: Crazy Sharkin Compilation shows what appears to be Japanese Sharking. Sharking has nothing to do with sharks plenty to do with running up to random women and pulling down their pants. I presume these are staged (in the UK this would be prosecuted as a sexual assault), but you never know what could be going on in the land that spawned