Pathological Altruism

We all know the type. I will help you until it hurts. I will help you so hard I will kill you. Now the pathology has a name: Pathological Altruism

From Selflessness Gone Awry, and the Damage It Can Cause –

As the new book makes clear, pathological altruism is not limited to showcase acts of self-sacrifice, like donating a kidney or a part of one’s liver to a total stranger. The book is the first comprehensive treatment of the idea that when ostensibly generous “how can I help you?” behavior is taken to extremes, misapplied or stridently rhapsodized, it can become unhelpful, unproductive and even destructive.

Selflessness gone awry may play a role in a broad variety of disorders, including anorexia and animal hoarding, women who put up with abusive partners and men who abide alcoholic ones.

Because a certain degree of selfless behavior is essential to the smooth performance of any human group, selflessness run amok can crop up in political contexts. It fosters the exhilarating sensation of righteous indignation, the belief in the purity of your team and your cause and the perfidiousness of all competing teams and causes.

David Brin,
a physicist and science fiction writer, argues in one chapter that
sanctimony can be as physically addictive as any recreational drug, and
as destabilizing. “A relentless addiction to indignation may be one of
the chief drivers of obstinate dogmatism,” he writes. “It may be the
ultimate propellant behind the current ‘culture war.’ ” Not to mention
an epidemic of blogorrhea, newspaper-induced hypertension and the use of a hot, steeped beverage as one’s political mascot.

Interesting phenomenon. The militant do-gooder is actually a filthy drug addict, just the drug is an endogenous opiate.

Sadistic violence against SA whites continues

I keep coming back to the CensorBugBear and its allied websites, even though the horrors I read of there are deeply upsetting.

Take a story I came across today.

“Amaro Vaina, 13, Geraldine Vaina, 46, and Tony Vaina, 50, owner of MSV Tooling Company, were chased through their home by drunken black males with pangas who hacked away at them – blood smears were found in every room of the large house. The young son was tied up, and then drowned in the bath tub. The mother was raped and then tortured extensively by the attackers stabbing her sexual parts with glass shards from broken bottles; The father was hacked to death with pangas. The family dog was hacked to pieces. “There was blood in every room’ says police at Walkerville smallholding. The younger was at Lindmeyer Primary School: and police have twenty-year old son of a maid who had worked with the family for many years. This was a hatecrime which is being covered up by the Naspers news media.” –  via FarmiTracker (recently reporting as being infected with malware, so link removed – 13 Nov 2017).

These horrendous race attacks against whites are now routine in South Africa, but there are never, ever, reported in the mainstream media outside of the country.

If a racist white farmer kills a farm workers, its makes BBC front page. If an entire white farming family is tortured, raped and murdered by black racists, we have complete silence.


I was tracking the #OccupyWallStreet phenomenon from when it was just a twinkle in Anonymous’s eye.

As usual, the Anonymous twitter leaders talked it up, and went ahead despite fairly withering criticism. Then it looked like it was going to flop.

Numbers were low, Tweets begging people to bring blankets and sandwiches to the occupiers were mocked by critics pointing out they had 6 months of preparation. And worst of all, the mainstream media completely ignored the protest.

Then the NYPD maced those women for no good reason, and the whole thing flipped.

Now you have a fairly interesting situation.

The Unions are involved. They scented the media attention and rushed in to share the spotlight, but what they have found is a typical “anonymous” rabble: No coherent demands, no focus, no agenda and no leadership.

The original band of hippies and griefers that started the protest have no been joined by semi-professional grievance mongers and it will be fascinating to see if the movement can actually articulate an agenda, or will diffuse into nothing.

The most interesting thing for me is that the media are no acknowledging Anonymous at all in their coverage. They definitely started it. It was an anonymous operation, and now its being hijacked by the Unions, it remains tio be seen what will happen.

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