Treppenwitz [Snopes]

“Treppenwitz, defined as “the wit of the stairway” – a perfect comeback dreamed up only after the moment for uttering it has passed. The frustration of coming up with a brilliant rejoinder too late to deliver it is a phenomenon most of us have experienced, hence the coining of terms such as treppenwitz or l’espirit de l’escalier to describe it.” from Snopes

Bush has lost it [BBC]

Possibly in an effort to expose his Democratic rivals, US President George Bush has called for a ban on gay marriage to be anacted in the Constitution no less.

This is an extraordinarily unfair proposition but I think Bush knows that its does not stand a chance and that is why he chose this radical Constitutional route rather than speedier and more easily enacted legislation.

This way he can expose the Democrats like Kerry as being pro-gay (which is a political liability in the USA), appease the religious right who are his mainstay and gays still get to marry.

Crude but effective.

Police terrified to criticise black or Asian colleagues

The race brouahaha resulting from MacPhersons grossly unfair report has, according to the Chief of Police, resulted in “his officers [being] so afraid of being accused of racism when dealing with ethnic minority colleagues that they found it hard to admit it when they made mistakes “for fear that by owning up to shortcomings they may themselves become the subject of allegation”. “There is a particular nervousness about dealing with issues raised by or about black and minority ethnic staff and officers,” he said.”

The inquiry heard that middle managers were so fearful of race they botched tackling minor indiscretions by ethnic minority staff. These officers were then hampered by a “failure to administer tough love” at an early stage. [Source: Guardian]”

Now if the police are scared of crossing their own colleagues, how can anyone still believe that they are persuing ethnic minority criminals with the same zeal as always considering the even greater risk of accusations they face from non-white criminals alleging racism?

It is sad to see the police so desperately trying to solve problems that are being created by the very “solutions” they are forced to implement.

For example, The MacPherson reports demands more minority police so the Met starts to frantically recruit minority police officers, no doubt lowering standards and overlooking faults in an effort to meet the targets. They end up with some minority officers who would not have been hired were they white. These officers have more problems, perform worse, get promoted less and are subject to more disciplinary actions.

These are then taken as evidence that the police is racist and discriminating which prompts more severe sanctions and targets…and the cycle continues.

Macpherson demanded that Lay advisory boards be set up to advise (well, command) the Met on race. Thewe boards are made up of people whose only real qualification is that they are not white. many of them are seasoned race warriors and police haters. I am not surprised that they force the police to carry out these foolish “measures”.

[Side note: It is odd that race relations in this country are trusted to radical non-whites when the country is overwhelmingly white. The point has been made to a tiresome degree but why is the Council for Racial Equality so overwhelmingly non-white, where are the white people to represent 75% of London’s population on the Lay Advisor Groups and why is it Mayor of London has as his “race Advisor” a black radicals and self-confessed racial separatist, Lee “Black Power” Jaspers?]

Whilst black and Asian criminals are out there doing their bit for race relations unmolested by race timid police (85% of muggers, over 50% of gang rapists and 90% street gunmen* are black or Asian). Londoners like me keep seeing Ethnic Minority crime and but only hearing about police racism. I see massive resources poured into fighting political correct causes like fighting “Hate Crime” or finding the killers of black victims (cue Stephen Lawrence or Damilola taylor) yet white victims of race crimes are not even acknowledged as victims of racist violence. I see a black drunk – subsequently convicted of disorderly conduct and resisting a police officer – attack police officers, but it is the police officers who end up in trouble because one them kicked at him whilst trying to arrest him [story]. And the “victim” was black. That is crucial. If he were white there would be no story.

The police meanwhile cowed by race are attending sensitivity classes, avoiding non-white criminals because of fears of being labeled racists and keeping quite about their non-white colleague’s wrongdoings.

This make me angry. I see an imbalance and an obvious double standard. Whilst I deplore racism and discrimination against anybody I am inclined to say to minority race baiters and white liberals who contribute so actively to these problems: Stop whinging. Stop attacking the police. Stop siding with
thugs and criminals just becuase they are from an Ethnic Minority. Stop being so paranoid about race and racism. Stop the thugs in your own
communities who prey on all of us. Fight racism, racial discrimination and racial favouritism within your own communities

(I think I may expand this in to “Limbic’s 31 recommendations to ethnic minority and immigrant communities” any suggestions for inclusion please e-mail me at

This is start…

See also: Top police ‘failing’ when faced with ethnic issues – Telegraph

Police Officers ‘Scared of Racism Complaints’ over Mistakes – The Scotsman

* Not sure about this last statistics, it may be slightly less. The others are accurate.

'Mourning sickness is a religion'

Civitas have delivered a classic. It is fundamentally a restatement of what is obvious: Those people at the back of the church wailing and weeping, the ones who did not know the deceased (his daughters acquaintances or colleagues he never knew), they are wailing for sport. A friend labelled it “emotional masturbation” and whilst it is something I have railed against it, it was Mick Hume who was the first person to identify the pox and systematically analyse its workings. From the BBC:

Britons are feeding their own egos by indulging in “recreational grief” for murdered children and dead celebrities they have never met, claims a report.Think-tank Civitas said wearing charity ribbons, holding silences and joining protest marches all indicated the country was in emotional crisis.

The author said “mourning sickness” was a substitute for religion.

Rather than “piling up damp teddies and rotting flowers” people should go out and do some real good, he urged.

In his report, Conspicuous Compassion, author Patrick West said people were trying to feel better about themselves by taking part in “manufactured emotion”.

Describing extravagant public displays of grief for strangers as ‘grief-lite’ Mr West said these activities were, “undertaken as an enjoyable event, much like going to a football match or the last night of the proms”.

“Mourning sickness is a religion for the lonely crowd that no longer subscribes to orthodox churches. Its flowers and teddies are its rites, its collective minutes’ silences its liturgy and mass.

Was pop band Hear’Say jumping on the bandwagon or lending support?

“But these new bonds are phoney, ephemeral and cynical,” he said.

For the sake of completeness, here is a quotation frpm Mike Hume’s 1998 pamphlet. Mick Hume, former editor of LM Magazine (before it was shut down after losing the libel case brought against it) wrote two particularly good essays called ‘Televictims – emotional correctness in the media’ and the ‘Whose war is it anyway? – The dangers of he Journalism of Attachment’. The theme is loosely ‘Stop the weeping and sober up’.

When Hume broached this topic back in 1998 this sort hysterical hand wringing, flower mountains, weepy politicians and media sorrow mongering
were just starting. The media reaction if by now a formula deployed over a long series of events starting with Diana, and continuing though Dunblane, Omagh, Josie and Damiola.

“The media preachers of emotional correctness issued two commandments in the aftermath of Diana’s death. First, thou shalt weep and wail. The word from the editorial offices was that everybody from the Queen downwards had to soften that stiff upper lip and show their emotions in public; as Christopher Hitchens of Vanity Fair put it, the obligation was to ‘hug strangers, wear a ribbon, light a candle or do something, for heaven’s sake’,” so turning the world into one big Oprah studio where audience participation was obligatory.Second, thou shalt weep together to keep together. Only one kind of emotion was to be allowed, in order for the nation to be seen to be united on its
collective knees. For all the talk of the media reflecting the People’s ‘real feelings’ about Princess Diana, the clear message was that if you were
not grieving the way the editorial-writers said we all were, then you should put on a front of ersatz emotion and play the part anyway. The end result
was described by Christopher Hitchens’ brother Peter, of the Express, as a ‘tyranny of grief’.

This coercive side of emotional correctness was never far behind the flowers and the touchy-feely stuff. In the week between the crash and the funeral,
much of the media gave up hard news reporting in favour of hardline sermons. The tabloid newspapers were only the bluntest instruments beating us over
the head……

In seeking to impose their code of emotional correctness from the top of society downwards, much of the media abandoned reporting in favour of
preaching, replacing any notion of public debate with a demand for national unity. You do not have to be a fan of the House of Windsor to worry at the
implications of the assumption of such moral authority by the media. After all, if newspapers and broadcasters can successfully intervene in this
authoritarian fashion in the affairs of Britain’s most prestigious family, what chance do those whom the Sun calls ‘ordinary people’ stand? On the
morning of Diana’s funeral, at least one man was reportedly beaten up outside his home for showing disrespect by daring to wash his car. Don’t
they read the papers these people?” [From pages 10,11 and 12 of ‘Televictims – emotional correctness in the media’ by Mick Hume]

Food tastes stronger when you're hungry [Eureka]

“People on diets should be forgiven for moaning that chocolate tastes better when you’re hungry. Just missing breakfast makes you more sensitive to sweet and salty tastes, according to research to be published next week in BMC Neuroscience.

Hunger could increase your ability to taste, by increasing the sensitivity of the taste receptors on your tongue, or by changing the way you perceive the same taste stimuli, the author suggests.” MORE

Fecal matter sprayed by flushing toilets can collect on toothbrushes [Snopes]

“Fecal matter gets onto toothbrushes through the act of our flushing toilets we have just defecated into. Small particles of what is being flushed away are aerosolized into tiny invisible droplets which are sprayed through the air at distances up to 20 feet away. Our toothbrushes, lying helplessly on the bathroom counter, are routinely spritzed with stuff we would not care to give thought to.

By performing one simple act, we can greatly lessen the occurrence of this: Put the lid down before flushing. ” MORE

Newspaper round-up

Some old and new stories I have in my spooling tray worth noting somewhere…


A profile of the Scourge of Political Islam: Bernard Lewis

Lewis’s political message is as simple as it is uncompromising. “If the peoples of the Middle East continue on their present path,” he warned in December 2001, “the suicide bomber may become a metaphor for the whole region, and there will be no escape from a downward spiral of hate and spite, rage and self-pity, poverty and oppression.” His prescription to America was stark: “Get tough or get out.” The Wall Street Journal defines what it calls The Lewis Doctrine as “seeding democracy in failed Mid-east states to defang terrorism”. Of course, it is slightly more sophisticated than that. Lewis is actually calling for the use of the minimum amount of Western force for the minimum amount of time in order to return consensual political institutions to the Middle East, starting with the most fertile place for them: Iraq. With its oil wealth, large middle class, stable past and secular society, democracy has a better chance of taking root in Iraq, Lewis argues, than virtually anywhere else in the Islamic world.

Ethnic targets for staffing ‘will backfire on the BBC’

The BBC has been criticised by a former member of the Commission for Racial Equality for trumpeting the fact that one in 10 of its staff is from an ethnic minority.

The corporation announced last week that it had reached its target of having 10 per cent of staff who are black and Asian. The e-mail sent to employees went on to say that the BBC was aiming to raise the figure to 12.5 per cent by 2008.

Dr Raj Chandran, a Sri Lankan who served on the Commission for Racial Equality for eight years, criticised the BBC’s approach, however, and suggested that it could backfire by causing resentment among other segments of the population.

The 10 per cent figure, he said, meant that ethnic minorities, who account for 7.9 per cent of the overall population, were already over-represented. Recruitment should be based on merit, not colour, he added.

“I am totally against targets like this because people should be employed on the basis of their talent and skills,” said Dr Chandran. “It is my view that these targets can be counterproductive as far as people from the ethnic minorities are concerned.

“If you go to a medical school in Britain you will find a large number of people from Asian backgrounds. Sometimes it is as high as 30 or 40 per cent, but if those schools had imposed lower targets we would have fewer people in those professions.”


Lord of the Rings star speaks out on the demographic crisis

‘Are we willing to be part of a Muslim-controlled Europe?…There is a demographic catastrophe happening in Europe that nobody wants to talk about, that we daren’t bring up because we are so cagey about not offending people racially…

‘By 2020, 50 percent of the children in Holland under the age of 18 will be of Muslim descent. Western Europeans are not having any babies. The population of Germany at the end of the century is going to be 56 per cent of what it is now. The population of France, 52 per cent of what it is now. There is a change happening in the very complexion of Western civilisation in Europe that we should think about at least and argue about.

‘If it just means the replacement of one genetic stock with another genetic stock, that does not matter too much. But if it involves the replacement of Western civilisation by a different civilisation with different cultural values, then it is something we really ought to discuss – because, goddammit, I am for dead white male culture.’

…’I do not want to see a society where, should I ever have any, my granddaughters have their fingernails pulled out because they are wearing nail varnish. Do not brand me a racist because I am certainly not. But I will stand by this: Western Christianised Europe has values and experiences worth defending.’ – John Rhys-Davies (played Gimli in Lord of the Rings)

Sunday Times

Friends, Muslims countrymen, lend us your ears – Roger Scruton

Our freedoms, built on loyalty to a shared nationality, are under threat from incomers who don’t want to join in

Citizenship consists of a web of reciprocal rights and duties, upheld by a rule of law which stands higher than either party. Although the state enforces the law, it enforces it equally against itself and the citizen. The citizen has rights which the state is duty-bound to uphold, and also duties which the state has a right to enforce. Because these rights and duties are defined and limited by the law, citizens have a clear conception of where their freedoms end.

Only where people define their social membership in terms of sovereign territory, shared customs and a common history — in other words, the nation — are they able to live in a democratic, law-abiding order. In a nation state people can agree to differ; they can accept being governed by those for whom they did not vote; they can agree equal rights for all religions; they can allow their opponents to speak their minds and influence the political process. But where religion, tribe or family is the dominant form of social membership, despotism is also the political norm.

That is why 70% of the world’s refugees are Muslims, fleeing from states where their religion is the official creed. And it is why all of them are fleeing to the West.