What is it with the adverts?

Some members might have noticed that the blog, forum and Wiki all now have Google Adsense advertisements. Does this mean that the Belgrade FVC is now a profit making commercial enterprise? Definitely not.

My reasoning is that the adverts are fairly unobtrusive and discrete, but provide a small but useful income to cover the operating costs of the BGFVC.

So far costs massively outweigh income of any sort. In the event they even come close, I will keep a full account on an online spreadsheet. Any surplus earnings will be put in the BGFVC charitable projects fund for use as we see fit.

If anyone has any objections to this, please let me know.

Belgrade Foreign Visitors Club

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  1. Viktor

    When I ran adsense adverts they brought me around 0.50 – 1.00 dollar a day, so it wasn’t bad (income was bigger than the cost, barely) but I think they work much better on bigger sites. Once I have thousand visitors a day or so, I will maybe put them back on again.


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