We need Bush and not Saddam calling the shots

by Limbic on August 28, 2002

Michael Gove savages the peacenicks and appeasers in this excellent Times opinion piece.

No responsible Western leader can afford to discount the consequences of Saddam possessing deliverable weapons of mass destruction. He is a practised mass murderer with unassuaged territorial ambitions towards his neighbours. He is an unstable tyrant who aspires to hegemony over the Arab world by providing its most radical elements with political leadership and military support. Terrorists who menace Israel and have operated throughout the West have been trained, financed and armed by him.

Defectors have warned us of the camps in which his confederates practise the hijacking of airliners. The $25,000 he gives to suicide bombers in the Palestinian Authority helps to ensure that terrorís cutting edge remains bloodied.

Possessed of of suitable weaponry, Saddam would create geopolitical chaos of a kind more dangerous than any we have known since the fall of communism. He would be able to destabilise the entire Middle East to the detriment of all its peoples and he could then place his boot on the worldís windpipe by threatening its oil supplies.

Possessed of suitable weaponry, Saddam would threaten Western democracies as no murderous tyrant has done since the Thirties. He could directly threaten the security of the Jewish people as no one has done since Hitler. And he could hold Europe and the US, our interests, people and values, to ransom. For he would be able to equip terrorists with the means to unleash attacks more devastating than those visited on America on September 11.


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