“We fool the world”

Great video parody of  “We are the World” , spoofing the Gaza Hamas Aid Flotilla and its “peaceful” intentions.

Also see this bonus video of the UN Watch representative ripping the ass out of the joke that is the UN Human Rights Council.

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  1. Kieran

    If you ask, do Israel’s actions do anything to help bring about peace in the Middle East can you really say yes? Nations around the world are using this moment to finally make the point that current Israeli foreign policy is self defeating – a legitimate belief and one I’d love for them to be able to consider

    As proof that the goverment is incapable of diplomacy, and self reflection, look at their refusal to accept an international investigation into what was a breach of international law.

    If they were to just play ball once in a while progress might be made – an example – the EU have offered to search and control cargo heading to Gaza, but Israel will never accept even though they could easily define the rules of such an arrangement (EU are eager).

    No wonder this unilateral nation doesn’t receive support in the face of such an egregious botch up. In any case, the blockade is immoral and unsustainable. They will bear many more years of conflict as a result and we’ll all suffer the headache


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