Walking houses

In a recent post I talked about how Recreational Vehicles (basically motorised caravans) may be the ideal home of the future, writing:

If you live in a highly volatile country prone to natural disasters
or civil disorder due to economic collapse, perhaps having a mobile
home would be a very good idea, especially one of these off-the-grid
solar powered machines described in Bookdoock RVing.

You could dodge the weather or trouble, set up home pretty much
anywhere and simply move if trouble came your way again. If you are
armed, travel in convoy, port your own emergency rations and an
inflatable boat, you might be the safest people anywhere.

Now I see the Telegraph reports that a Danish art collective have created a “the ultimate house for beating floods or unfriendly neighbours – a home built on six hydraulic legs that can walk.”

“The 10ft high home is solar and wind powered and can stroll at walking pace across all terrains.

It has a living room, kitchen, toilet, bed, wood stove and mainframe computer which controls the legs.

…It was built by art collective N55 in Copenhagen, Denmark, who worked in conjunction with engineers at MIT in Massachusetts, USA.

Designers say it provides a solution to the problem of rising water levels as the house can simply walk away from floods.

The prototype cost £30,000 to build, including materials and time, but the designers believe it could be constructed for a lot less.

The artists in the N55 collective are Ion Sørvin, and Øivind Slaatto. Sam Kronick, from MIT designed the legs.

Mr Slaatto plans to live in the house when it returns to Copenhagen. He has been working on his pet project for two years and was inspired by his meetings with Romani travellers in Cambridgeshire.

He said: “This house is not just for travellers but also for anyone interested in a more general way of nomadic living.

Each leg is powered and works independently and is designed to always have three on the ground at any one time to ensure stability.

The makers hope the legs could be eventually mounted on any kind of structure and make it walk and several pods could be linked together for bigger houses.” – From “Walking house can escape floods or unruly neighbours

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