Unban pathetic Islam4uk

Those Islam4UK (al-Muhajiroun) radicals are are more of joke than a threat. A detestable joke, to be sure, but a joke nonetheless. I am not sure that banning them was the right move. It is helpful to the cause of warning about Radical Islam to have people like Islam4UK parading around proving one’s point.

It would be far better, in my view, to have simply enforced the law at their gatherings and arrested participants for incitement. That way specific illegal practices would be rightly punished but free speech and the right to form political groups would not be infringed upon.

They are right about one thing though, the media’s tendency to create ghouls and them become frightened of their own inventions.

Here is a quote from Anjem Choudary before the banning (I hope I am not breaking som law now by quoting him?):

“You don’t want to believe everything you see and read in the media. One of the problems with the media is that they will fabricate something, and then they will start believing it. That quite dangerous really. You invent Frankenstein and Dracula and then you start to become afraid of it, forgetting that you invented it in the first place. ” – Anjem Choudary, Leader of banned Islamic Radical group Islam4UK (via VBS News).

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