Two interesting quotes on racial politics

by Limbic on May 28, 2003

“Resentment is a two-way street. It exists both at the top and bottom. For a given racial/ethnic mix, government or private-sector intervention merely shifts resentment from one group to another. It is as if there were a conservation of resentment principle operating. In a meritocratic culture all the resentment is from the bottom. Chopping away at the meritocratic ideal by introducing equal-outcome components like affirmative action reduces resentment in one group, shifting it to another.”

— “2048,” La Griffe du Lion, Volume 2, Number 4, April 2000

“A great many sins disappear when one becomes an “anti-racist” activist. Lives that would ordinarily be insignificant become important; hostility, contempt and hatred becomes reframed as moral outrage; and one has a delicious repertoire of epithets to use against critics and skeptics. As an “anti-racist” crusader, one can do things and say things to other human beings that would be out of the question otherwise and not only get away with them, but receive praise for them as well.”

— Laird Wilcox, excerpted from The Watchdogs: A Close Look at Anti-racist “Watchdog” Groups. Also author of Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America.

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