The lunacy Israel faces

by Limbic on January 20, 2006

Hamas rallies to ‘martyr’ mother – Sunday Times

Hamas has been the deadliest of the Palestinian militant groups. It has always stood for the obliteration of the Jewish state and was responsible for suicide bombings that have killed hundreds of Israelis over the past five years.

…The mother regards her candidacy for the Palestinian Legislative Council as a logical extension of the armed struggle she encouraged her sons to die for. She denies that Hamas‚Äôs decision to join mainstream Palestinian political life contradicts its military goals.

“The jihadist project completes the political one and the political project cannot be completed without jihad,” she says. “The resistance needs the political project to support it through the legislative council.”

…Farhat‚Äôs candidacy is seen as an indication that, while embracing a political role, it remains the same unreconstructed terrorist organisation that sent suicide bombers into Israeli cafes and onto buses.

The Israelis are right. Those Hamas “democrats” are using democracy as just one facet of larger strategy in their stated goal of annihilating Israel and the Jews.

It is an absurd situation. It is like watching the Nazi party do well in elections knowing they intend to establish a dictatorship as soon as power is transferred.

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