the gaijin dilemma

by Limbic on June 15, 2006

an englishman in osaka explains “the gaijin dilemma” or whether to acknowledge other gaijin (Europeans).

I have this problem in Serbia.

There are comparatively few foreigners in Belgrade (compared with other capital cities). As a consequence coming across other foreigners puts added pressure on one to do the expatriate social dance. I actively avoid foreigners here. Most are pretty vile quango types.

It reminds me of when I lived in London in the mid -90s. Meeting a fellow South African was a huge event then. You were instant buddies. As literally thousands of South Africans flooded into the UK after that, they became an embarrassment. I kept encountering the worst sorts from back home but this time on the streets and public transport of London.

I wanted to write to the Foreign Office and ask “Why are you letting these people in? I left the place to get away from them!”

I am dreading the day Belgrade reaches its potential as one of Europe’s best party towns and “Prague-ification” begins. The day I see a stag party composed of English chavs partying in Belgrade, I am out of here.

[Link via Devan from Ban The Internet]

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