The Fatalism of Names (or a tale of two Barrys)

I never cease to be tickled by name <–> profession suitability.

Two recent examples

Barry Mapp the Mind Mapping Expert

This is from Barry’s Udemy course. Nice guy and great course, but oh how he must get mocked for that name.

Barry Sample the drug tester

This one comes from This American Life’s “I Was So High” episode:

 Ira Glass: Sean, are there surveys measuring how many of us are high all the time?

Sean Cole: I mean– [SIGH] There’s not a lot of data. There’s workplace drug tests that show 3 and 1/2% of workers test positive for drugs. But obviously, that’s only in workplaces that test for drugs in the first place.  One of the experts on this data, who’s wonderfully named, Dr. Barry Sample from Quest Diagnostics told me drug use is a couple percentage points higher in places that don’t test for drugs.


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