The False Accusation Fallacy

In response to this post on the Mind The Gap blog, I wrote this:

You need to bring yourself up to date with the facts.

The false accusation rate is at least 26% in the US, but more likely 40%. This is an absolute certainty based on DNA evidence. It may be much much higher. In New Zealand for example the estimated false accusation rate rate is over 80%. Whilst blowers in the justice system have tried to draw attention to the problem.

The point is that false rape accusations are a massive problem in the fight against real rape.

The problem stems from political actions which have made false accusations worthwhile – namely removing anonymity for men accused of rape in 1987.

We see in the UK that since 1985 rape convictions in real terms have risen 28% , whilst accusation, mostly date rape, have rocketed by circa 400% (since anonymity for the accused was removed in 1987).

Prior to 1987, the accusation rate was stable and growing slowly (thanks to victim encouragement efforts and improved police methods). After 1987 it exploded.

Kevin Myers argues persuasively in 2003 that “Malicious accusers are as bad as rapists“.

I agree with him.

If you really cared about rape victims, you MUST care about false accusers. They are one of the biggest problems for those fighting rape.

Lets solve the problem quickly by restoring full anonymity for rape accused and punishing hoaxers severely.

Furthermore, you ought to care about the hundreds if not thousands of innocent men who have been falsely accused and in several cases convicted.

Our justice systems is rightly based on protecting the innocent, not punishing the guilty.

“Better 100 guilty men at liberty than one innocent man in prison” has become “Rather hundreds of innocent men in prison…”

For what?

So that rape victims feelings are not hurt?

So that the newspapers have a juicy story?

So that women can keep the kids, launch a lawsuit, avenge an injury, avoid being called a slut?

Are you serious?

Real rape victims are having their cases share police and court resources with thousands of liars whilst innocent men go to prison all thanks to false accusations.

Where is the fallacy?

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