The brute is dead

I am seldom happy to hear about someone being dead, but I am happy to hear that Mohamed Merah, terrorist , traitor and child murderer, is dead.

Just look at that ugly face. The grinning thug, now dead, attacked children. To purposefully murder children in cold blood is the worst of all crimes, although I would wish him dead for the killing of the soldiers too.

He shot a wounded little boy as he crawled away wounded from his dead father and brother.

This is one of the dead victims, 8 year old Miriam Monsonego:

The  held her by her hair to shoot her in the head:

Eight-year-old Myriam Monsonego clutched her satchel as the killer chased her through the school gates and into the courtyard. He pulled her towards him by her hair and raised a gun to shoot her.

The video footage appears to show that, at that moment, his gun jammed.

But determined to carry out his killing spree, he kept hold of the girl, changed weapons from what police identified as a 9-mm pistol to a .45 calibre weapon, and delivered a shot to her temple at point blank range. (Daily Telegraph)

I am glad he is dead, desperately sorry for the families and friends of the murdered, the latest victims of the despicable Islamist way of war.

I cannot image the pain of that mother. her husband and sons murdered, alone with her 10 month old baby.

Now round up  Merah’s accomplices and let them face justice now that the brute is dead.

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