Behold the Techno Viking! Below are still from the infamous Kneecam No. 1 video by Matthias Fritsch featuring the most terrifying raver in history: Techno Viking.

The action takes place in 2000, at Belin’s “Fuckparade” (a response by nasty people to the feel good Love Parade) and is entirely unscripted.

Below is a YouTube version of the video (here is a higher quality .mov version).

Techno Viking enters about 38 seconds in, but the hilarity really starts at 01:30 (or -02:30) . It is almost unbearably funny.


You may also enjoy the captioned version.

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  1. snowy

    jaysus … hahaha , very funny , the 80’s video choreographed walking dance routine was like west side story vs. rambo on bad acid

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