Silent raves

In the early nineties I wrote a dreadful science fiction story set in early 21st century London. In one of the scenes the protagonists find themselves in a flashmob esqe “silent rave” . Not forseeing wi-fi, the mob were tuned into a shared radio frequency and they danced silently whilst puzzelled police looked on.

Well the future is now and I claim the Neo-Nostradamus prize for social prophesy: Stille disco (quiet disco)

Welcome to the Quiet Disco. Born of noise complaints in the Netherlands, this scene (Dutch kids call it stille disco) puts dancers in wireless headphones. Each headset is tuned to receive transmissions directly from the D.J. booth, where turntables are connected through a mixer to a small radio transmitter. Ms. Dougherty was so taken by her first silent disco, witnessed at a 2003 festival in Rotterdam, that she applied for a grant with the San Francisco–based Black Rock Arts Foundation to start one here. Her proposal was approved. She placed an order for 50 pairs of wireless headphones, which arrived last week

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