Serbian gang behind Swedish helicopter heist

by Limbic on September 28, 2009

Swedes were recently outraged by a brazen criminal heist involving a helicopter and bombs. In a bitter piece called “SWEDEN – THESE THINGS JUST DON’T HAPPEN, EXCEPT FOR WHEN THEY DO“, Ivar Berglin wrote”

Not to draw any parallels between rape and some government-insured-investment-banker-money but this morning, us lovely schmovely Swedes woke up to yet another event that simply “does not happen in good ol’ Svedala.” Using a helicopter, a bunch of thieves landed on the roof of a Stockholm money transit terminal. Witnesses say a bunch of bombs went off and the police arrived shortly after but didn’t really dare to do anything. Instead they waited outside and calmly watched two guys load the chopper. Someone had put a bag marked with the word “BOMB” at the police helicopter central, so it was obviously out of the question to pursue the criminals by air. At the time being, there’s still no trace of the thieves and all of Sweden is holding their breaths to see how this Hollywood style robbery will end. Probably with a bunch of really rich tattooed guys swimming in champagne somewhere sunny. Still, I bet that as soon as the Swedes turn off their tellies tonight, they’ll go back to believing that Sweden is the safest country in the world, whilst every thieving bastard on planet earth will be even more convinced that good ol’ Svedala is to crime what Monaco is to tax fraud. – Source

Now it turns out that the raid was carried out by a Serbian gang made up of former paramilitaries:

BELGRADE, Serbia — Former Serb paramilitaries took part in last week’s brazen helicopter raid of a cash depot in Stockholm, Serbian police officials said Monday.

Former members of the “Red Berets” paramilitary unit who fought wars in former Yugoslavia in the 1990s took part in the heist, along with Swedish robbers, said Interior Minister Ivica Dacic, who heads Serbia’s police.

Serbian police “handed certain information about a criminal group which was preparing a robbery” in Stockholm to the Swedish embassy in Belgrade a month ago, but Swedish authorities did not react or contact Belgrade after that, said Milorad Veljovic, a senior Serbian police official.

Masked gunmen used a helicopter in the Hollywood-style heist last Wednesday. They broke through a roof window and setting off explosions inside the building before taking off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

A Swedish court said Monday that six men from the Stockholm area, aged 21 to 36, have been arrested on suspicion of robbery or assisting a robbery. Police spokesman Varg Gyllander said some of the men have criminal records but declined to give further comments. Police didn’t name the suspects in line with Swedish privacy rules. – Associated Press

This is just another example of the cross-over between paramilitary militias and organized crime revealed so well by Misha Glenny here and here.

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