Serbian folk remedy researched to control bed bugs

by Limbic on April 12, 2013

Leopard Bed Bug
(Image by Sappymoosetree – Creative Commons) 

Bed bugs a re a terrible pest that is now present in up to 30% of US homes. Researchers are desperate to find a way to kill them, as they are very resistant to insecticides. 

A physical trap approach might be the solution, thanks to a Balkan folk remedy. 

From BBC News – Leaf-like material ‘traps bedbugs’, say researchers:

“A material designed to mimic the hooked hairs found on leaves could help trap and control bedbugs, the Journal of the Royal Society Interface reports. The US scientists were inspired by a traditional Balkan remedy that used kidney-bean leaves to combat the pest. Infestations have increased worldwide, partly due to pesticide resistance. An ensnaring solution could sidestep this.

…The researchers were inspired by an age-old remedy formerly used in Bulgaria and Serbia where kidney-bean leaves were strewn on the floor next to beds to trap the bugs. The greenery was burned the next day. Bedbugs have no evolutionary link with bean plants – although the general idea that plants have developed to trap insects like aphids and spider mites is known.  “

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