Serb mercenraries trapped in Libya

From Balkan mercenaries in Libya risk lives for gain (

Ever since turmoil erupted in February, there have been reports of Balkan mercenaries in the north African country. Media reports last week claimed that rebel fighters executed a large group of fighters-for-hire in the city of Misrata, including nine Croats, 12 Serbs and an unknown number of Bosniaks.

That story remains unconfirmed, and details about the overall number of Balkan mercenaries active in the country are hard to come by. Still, military operations experts say they have enough data to form a rough estimate.

“According to my information, about 250 persons from Serbia are located in Libya,” military analyst Ljubodrag Stojadinovic told SETimes. He said several hundred well trained troops emerged from the Balkan wars, and are willing to use their expertise.

The mercenaries are driven by the promise of monetary gain, and not by politics or ideology, Stojadinovic added.

“The ‘dogs of war’ earn from 2,000 to 5,000 dollars or euros [per month], depending on who makes the offer and how they structure the arrangements,” he said

So whats the story here? Are there hundreds of Balkan mercenaries in Libya? If yes, what is their fate? Executed?

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