Russia, help!

 Desperate Serbs in Kosovo pin all their hopes on Russia.

From Jacqueline Haener: “In Kosovska Mitrovica, a city divided into two parts by the river Ibar (the Northern district being inhabited by Serbs, the Southern by Albanians), flags call upon Russia’s help in defending Kosovo.”

Russia, help! 

“Russia, help!”

“In the name of God and Justice do not make our holy land a present to Albanians”

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  1. limbic

    Adem, I am sure the Serbs would be happy to grant you or whoever “indenpendents”. They seem to have a problem with “independence” though.

    Joking aside, swearing at people is not the way forward. Serbs and Albanians will be neighbours for the foreseeable future so I recommend you all start working on how to get along better.


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