Retraction: Norberto Hernandez and the World Trade Center Attack

by Limbic on November 29, 2002

Some time ago I posted the following in a post the Virus list:

“How is an Haitian, fresh from his citizenship class and oath ceremony suddenly guilty and deserving of murder? How about Norberto Hernandez, a Puerto Rican chef who leaped – horribly burned – from the World Trade Centre. Why was he guilty and according to what law was his terrible death justified? ”

Today I was contacted by his daughter who wrote:

“The demeaning gestures that my father jumped was publishized by a money grubbing vandal that had nothing better to do then to write lies. My father’s remains were found in a staircase so I am humbly asking you to fix the gestures on the article. One more thing, I would like to know who authorized my fathers name being published without consulting my mother which is his wife. Please get back to me with that information. My name is Catherine Hernandez. More than a year after the attack, my family and I am still trying to get a rebutal on a comment that had affected not oonly my family but the world. On September 11, 2001 my father Norberto Hernandez and
aunt Claribel Hernandez, were in the World Trade Center and are deceased. The problem is that there was a journalist that had the audasity to come to my father’s funeral and claim that my father was one of the jumpers. This statement is not true! Unfortunately for the journalist, Peter Cheney, my family and I have been able to obtain enough proof to surely and securely say that my father was definitely not a jumper but. If you may please call me back with any information that may have to help us it would be greatly appreciated. My email address is [Removed].”

I was very sad to read these comments. Unfortunately my comments are archived on the Virus list an unlikely to be removable, but I will attempt to have the post removed.

I am deeply sorry if I have aggravated the grief of of the Hernandez family in any way. I can only imagine how horrible it must be to have to try and deal with erroneous information about a deceased loved on.

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