Reparations for the Descendants of Women

by Limbic on August 28, 2002

Lampoons the repartions absurdity in America.

See alsoWhy Wait for Reparations? by William Raspberry

Think of the difference between divorce lawyers and marriage counselors. The former are reparationists, guided mostly by financial bottom lines — how much of the marital assets can be grabbed for their client. The latter are healers: What arrangements, commitments and concessions are necessary to make the marriage work?

For a lot of people, not all of them black by any means, America isn’t working very well. Sometimes it’s their own fault, and sometimes — particularly in the case of children — it isn’t. Can’t we agree that it is in our own interest to improve their outlook, their preparation, their life chances — spending whatever it takes in money and human effort?

Not out of guilt, not because someone owes someone else, but because we all owe it to ourselves to make America what it ought to be.

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