Recent Israeli military slackness explained

by Limbic on August 23, 2006

From frieze magazine:

The Israeli Defence Forces have been heavily influenced by contemporary philosophy, highlighting the fact that there is considerable overlap among theoretical texts deemed essential by military academies and architectural schools by Eyal Weizman

The attack conducted by units of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) on the city of Nablus in April 2002 was described by its commander, Brigadier-General Aviv Kokhavi, as ‘inverse geometry’, which he explained as ‘the reorganization of the urban syntax by means of a series of micro-tactical actions’. MORE

The IDF has adopted post-modernist theory.

This truly is bleak news.

As one wit on the JG Ballard list put it “Well, it seems Hezbollah were better deconstructionists… probably the problem is that the Israelis skipped Derrida.”

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