Pop-Art Radovan – The Tour

This apparently is not a joke. A local tour company is offering a half-day “Pop-Art Radovan” tour:


Departure from Belgrade city center – Nikola Pasic Square.

• Arrival at New Belgrade, where last Radovan Karadzic residence was – Block 45 and Jurija Gagarina St.

• First, we will follow Karadzic morning and go to the bakery shop for a breakfast – home made potato pie, which was his favorite morning meal, since he was well known by eating mostly ascetic food.

• Of course, morning is a right time to check daily news and after crossing a street from bakery shop, we will say good morning to the local kiosk and buy some newspaper.

• By walking through the park, we will visit grocery shop where Karadzic was favorite customer. After a short break in a park, checking newspaper and chat with his neighbors, maybe with one cold beer on foot, we will end up in front of the building where he used to live as well as bus station of 73 city bus line and take some photos for a memory.

• Luda kuca local pub is waiting for us as a best part of a tour. So, in this rustic ambient, we will try to enjoy like he used to, maybe catching some memories and moments of his stormful life , with glass of wine – Medvedja krv (Bear’s blood), snack and sounds of Serbian national stringed instrument called – gusle.

• Before ending this fabulous tour, we need to check famous pancakes in Pinocchio pancake shop, located in old town of Zemun. Of course, specialty that waits for us is Karadzic pancake.

• On our return to the city center, we will have panorama sightseeing of Special Court, where, after he was captured, Karadzic stays before going to Hag. It will also be our last stop in following his footsteps.

[From Serbia Tourism – Pop-Art Radovan]

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