Pity the meek

by Limbic on August 7, 2016

The saddest thing about the Trump phenomenon is that the people he now represents – the poor, mostly white, left-behinds of modernity – have legitimate grievances and deserve proper political representation, but all they have is Trump. A people already demoralized, demonized and literally dying have pinned their hopes on a hopelessly unsuitable megalomaniac who is so inept he will lose to one of the most repellent Democrat candidates ever fielded.


The Democrats are the party of elite whites and minorities. The Republicans, presiding over a declining demographic and hamstrung by big business and the Christian right, are a basket case party representing no one. These people have absolutely no one genuinely on their side. Poor bastards.


The good thing is that PC / political doublespeak is mortally wounded. The managed message /narrative neatly limned by the Overton Window is a thing of the past. Look what a maniac like Trump managed to do by harnessing disaffection and speaking plainly.


Prediction: Trump will lose. HRC will be the most divisive and unpopular president since G.W Bush. We will have a proper Julius Caesar-like right-wing demagogue in 2020…

Update: Wrong wrong wrong!

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