Paris also paying the price for mass immigration

by Limbic on March 29, 2006

From the BBC

As darkness fell at the Place de La Republique, the acrid smell of tear gas drifted through the early evening air.

It mingled with a distinct smell of cannabis as the shouts and jeers of the crowd echoed around this historic square in what has become a Paris springtime of discontent.

These, though, were not the peaceful marchers of earlier in the day but youths who had come intent on violence, seeking running battles with police.

Earlier in the afternoon, hundreds of thousands of protesters had gathered at Place d’Italie in the south of the city.

But the festival atmosphere quickly darkened as a small group of troublemakers began to target trade union stewards trying to keep order on the march.

Those youths smashed the windows of a cafe and soon took on the trade unions’ security men in random brawls, as the peaceful protesters – young and old – continued on their route across the River Seine and on to Place de la Republique.

But once they reached their destination in the eastern city centre, most student demonstrators – and the workers who came out in support of them – quickly left as more youths descended on the square, with the sole aim of picking a fight with the riot police.

These youngsters – aged between 15 and 25 – were wearing hooded tops that obscured their features. Many wore masks, so they could not be identified.

…According to the riot police, many of these youths had come in from the suburbs outside Paris looking for trouble: this violence seen by some as a continuation in Paris city centre of what began in November’s riots in the suburbs.

And the riot police were ready and waiting for it all.

This, after all, has become the ritual ending to almost every demonstration here in Paris, when the protesters go home and the troublemakers, known as “casseurs”, or wreckers, move in for the fight.

France, like many European countries, now has a permanent underclass of immigrant descended young and violent thugs (code phrase: “hooded youths”).

Thanks to the Smart Mobs phenomenon (internet/sms/mobile phones) they can organise themselves quickly and efficiently.

They show up at legitimate demonstrations and gatherings to fight the police or stewards or randomly attack and rob innocent people.

Unless they are dealt with very firmly, we can expect to see riots and mass robberies (like the recent train steaming) by roving bands of “hooded youths” become routine.

I wonder how France’s left wing press is reacting now that left wing protests are being hijacked by the same thugs who were rioting in the Banlieux during the winter? Poor misunderstood alienated youths let down by the government or rampant thugs who need to be brought to heel?

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