Our enemies and the Geneva Convention

by Limbic on January 20, 2006

For those who bleat about the putative barbarity of the US forces in Iraq, they ought to keep in mind the cunning and ruthless disregard for all wartime conventions that their enemies display. From Al Jazeera:

U.S. helicopters in Iraq face new threat –

…Iraqi fighters are using another new tactic which is harder to counter; they are targeting medical evacuation helicopters. The new ambush tactic exploits an already tested formula. Fighters first attack a U.S. patrol with a roadside bomb. When American forces call helicopters to evacuate the casualties, further devices explode on helicopter landing sites. According to Defense News, which first reported on the new aerial bomb threat, the U.S. army lost “more than one” helicopter to this new tactic.

This enemy shells hospitals; mass murders civilians; it targets ambulances, medics and medical helicopters; it tortures and murders captives.

Why should the US Army obey the Geneva Conventions when in the Iraqi theatre that convention does not exist and where is the outrage in the Western press about these violations?

A million column inches devoted to the use the white phospherous (shown to be complete propaganda bunk) and not a whisper about Iraq “Freedom Fighters” deliberately killing doctors and medics?

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