On Stupidity – a two part examination of the dumbing down of the West

by Limbic on September 21, 2008

Thomas H Benton examines the claims that “Americans, particularly those now entering college, have been rendered “stupid” by a convergence of factors including traditional anti-intellectualism, consumer culture, the entertainment industry, political correctness, religious fundamentalism, and postmodern relativism, just to name some of the usual suspects.” he is convinced that “over the past several decades, we have become less knowledgeable, more apathetic, more reliant on others to think for us, more susceptible to simple answers, and more easily exploited” and that this “stupidity crisis” could lead to “the end of democracy, the economic decline of the United States, the extinction of humanity as we know it”.

On Stupidity Part 1

On Stupidity Part 2

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