Notes on the May 2010 UK elections

by Limbic on May 7, 2010

Delighted to see George Galloway lose in Poplar & Limehouse.

Surprised to see the LibDems do so badly. Just goes to show that far left parties are simply not mainstream in Britain, and immigration hurt them. It was gratifying to see LibDem grandee Simon Hughes on the BBC this morning trying to explain why the party did so badly (after he scoffed at exit polls suggesting this result). I think that his attitude (and that of his party) on immigration, which has has been nutty for nearly a decade, was a lead factor in their fall.

The absurdity of the Scots and welsh having regional assemblies, but their MPs voting on English matters, will only be aggravated by this result. The Tories completely dominated England, but only got a a single seat in Scotland and a handful in Wales.  This will create huge tension and lead to more calls for some sort of English assembly.

I would actually like to see the LibDems form a coalition with labour. The government will collapse within a year and guarantee a Tory majority at the next election.

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