Mulitation-Murders of SA Farmers Continue

The Afrikaner Genocide Archives make for grim reading. It documents the ongoing slow motion genocide against white farmers in South Africa.

Today I was reading with genuine horror the case of mutilation of two Afrikaner ladies, Mrs Alice Lotter, 78, and her daughter Ms Helen Lotter, 57:

“I  found two large pieces of her body-fat the size of my hand lying next to her on the kitchen floor where she was found covered in blood.”

“The ‘most cruel crime scene [the responding police] had ever witnessed.”

“Both women were ‘extensively mutilated’. ”

“Helen Lotter’s breasts were also partially cut off and broken bottle-shards were inserted in her vagina and anus as part of the extensive torture she and her mother Alice had endured”

“At the backdoor of the homestead he found a ‘very badly injured Miss Helen Lotter.’ Her face was coated in blood, some of her teeth had been smashed out, she wore a bloodied t-shirt and her naked underbody was covered in blood. A bloodied knife and scissors were found at the scene as well as bloodied beer-glass shards lying near the daughter’s legs.  He found the mother leaning against a dining-room chair, just about to fall over. He gently helped her lie down on the carpet of the living room. She asked him: “Who are you?” while he examined the ‘gaping wounds at her throat, arms and hands,’ he told the court. “

People went and protest the murders at the court case, and the ANC held a counter-demonstration!

I marvel that this issue continues to be effectively ignored domestically and internationally.

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