Mladic, Karadzic and now…Miladin Kovacevic?

“Who the hell is Miladin Kovacevic,” you might ask, “A war criminal?”

Not quite, he is a Serb college basketball player involved in the horrific beating of a fellow student in a New York State town who was then helped to escape the USA and return to Serbia by a Serbian diplomat.

The US government is justifiably outraged at this gross abuse of privilege and obstruction of justice.

Serbs everywhere should be outraged that that their own government have not just obstructed justice (bad enough) but tarnished the Serbian diplomatic corp as corrupt criminals who abuse diplomatic privileges to help known fugitives escape justice and they have helped reinforce the Serbs-as-violent-thugs stereotype by making sure this dreadful story of alleged Serb thuggery is front page news becuase of the Serbian state’s involvement, albeit just one corrupt individual.

Thew whole sorry affair revolves around a violent bar fight on the night of May 5th 2008 in the University town of Binghamton in upstate New York.

Here is one account of what happened:

It was the wee hours of Sunday morning at the Rathskeller, a popular hangout for Binghamton college kids, and pretty Melissa Cartagena felt an unwelcome hand on her body.

It was just a grope – but it was late, the guys were drunk and soon things got out of hand.

The scene was a birthday party with a Studio 54 theme, the dance floor was full, graduation was two weeks off.

Among the many revelers was Bryan Steinhauer, a senior honors student with a slight build and a bright future.

Miladin Kovacevic was there, too. The sophomore basketball player, a burly 6-foot-9 and 260 pounds, towered above Steinhauer and the rest of the crowd. The jock and the aspiring accountant traveled in different campus circles – but they found themselves in an uncomfortably small space inside the bar on State St.

Ann Pesahovitz and Lauren Levy, standing just off the dance floor, noticed the mismatched duo. A baby blue shirt covered Steinhauer’s 135-pound physique. He stood a full foot shorter than Kovacevic, who was dressed in black.

It was about 1:20 a.m. on May 4. There was a commotion and “a lot of yelling,” Levy recalled, apparently after someone groped Cartagena – a pretty Binghamton University sophomore with Kovacevic’s group.

The dark-haired beauty wasn’t there with the ballplayer; she was with boyfriend, Sanel Softic, a 21-year-old wanna-be state trooper who claims he never laid a hand on the victim.

Kovacevic took it upon himself to defend her honor – though it was not clear who groped Cartagena. Seconds later, Steinhauer wasn’t standing; then he wasn’t getting up. The bespectacled senior was battered to the dance floor. Witnesses recalled the big man’s foot thudding into the smaller student’s torso. And then his head.

Over and over.

Steinhauer – his cheeks shattered, his skull fractured, his brain swelling – was defenseless, his body motionless.

Pesahovitz said the violence ended as abruptly as it began. “He just stopped kicking the victim,” she told police, “and left.”

[From Binghamton University student at heart of Miladin Kovacevic’s attack ]

Kovacevic was arrested a few hours later and spent several weeks behind bars. This is where the sad and brutal story of a violent bar fight becomes a cause celebre and yet another PR disaster for Serbs and Serbia.

Kovacevic was still behind bars when June arrived, although his parents – doctors in their homeland – were working with Serb diplomats to get his bail posted.

At a June 6 hearing, Serbian diplomat Igor Milosevic and the suspect’s mother arrived in Broome County Court with $20,000 cash and an $80,000 money order.

“Standard diplomatic practice,” Serbian Consulate General Slobodan Nenadovic said later.

Kovacevic surrendered his passport, and the local judge instructed him to stay in Broome County pending trial on a felony assault charge.

Just before 6 p.m., the hulking hoopster left the courthouse. Within 72 hours, Kovacevic had left the country – with a new, hastily-issued replacement passport. A high-ranking Serbian government official said Kovacevic’s mother, Branka, wept and begged until Milosevic provided the get-out-of-jail-free card – an emergency document.

Kovacevic flashed the paperwork to board a Lufthansa flight out of Newark. His mother was on the flight with him.

His deception was discovered only when county officials became concerned that he might jump bail. They notified customs officials at the Canadian border that Kovacevic could try to enter the country without a passport.

A check of his status showed Kovacevic was gone. So was Milosevic; officials at the Serbian consulate in Manhattan said he was on vacation as the beating exploded into an international cause celébrè.

Milosevic, his career in tatters, slipped back into Serbia Friday to receive a likely pink slip and possible criminal trial.

Kovacevic was hiding out in his homeland.

[From Binghamton University student at heart of Miladin Kovacevic’s attack ]

The Serbian government (wait, Serbia does not have a government yet!) now have an opportunity to show their maturity and International standing by swiftly correcting the “mistakes” by their Consulate in New York.

Despite what his parents say about the tabloid media bias against him (which does appear to be true), Miladin Kovacevic must return to the USA to face justice. The US courts will take full account of the media circus and careful jury selection by a competent lawyer will ensure a fair trial. Anything less than this and he becomes just another excuse to smear Serbs. And anyway, it is the right thing to do.

Igor Milosevic, the diplomat who “was swayed by a mother’s tears” needs to face the consequences of his stupidity. In a sense he is even more responsible that Kovacevic because he knowingly helped an accused man escape custody and violate the terms of his parole. This is a crime. Diplomats do have immunity in their territories they are stationed, but they are not above national law. At the very least Mr Milosevic should be fired (if it can be proved he was merely stupid). If there is any suggestion of bribe or mens rea, he should face criminal charges here in Serbia.

He completely violated diplomatic accords and brought shame and disrepute upon his country – the very opposite of a diplomat’s mission. An example to any other diplomats “swayed by a mother’s tears” might be well advised.

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34 Comments Mladic, Karadzic and now…Miladin Kovacevic?

  1. Nikos Tanroussis

    No one can match the aptly named and justly stereotypical Joey Buttafucco. Lest we forget the faith of the schools that produced the mugger who left the Central Park Jogger in a coma, and alsoo Howard Beach.

  2. Marko

    PR Disaster for Serbia? Whatever… What does Serbian governement have to do with this? Does the writer of this article even know the circumstances of Kovacevic’s escape or is he/she writting from a position of a “superior, more powerful, more lawful” nation, a thing that Americans tend to do more and more these days…

    I don’t condone the actions of this guy… but if US will ask for extradition of this guy then US should also be ready to turn in the US pilot who bombed Serbian National TV station during the NATO attacks in 1999. By the way for those of you who don’t know 20+ people died then… But to you all they are just collateral damage… Somehow it’s always ok for US to say we are sorry but we didn’t mean to it’s our super precise laser weapons that had a glitch…

    Forget it I say Serbia should never turn him in and US just deal with the fact that it will not be always your way…

    And do you turn over your citizens when they commit a crime in another country or you? Of course you don’t… So why should Serbia???

  3. Natalija

    I don’t justify the action of the Serbian guy, but Serbia do not do not handover their citizens who are incriminatory for some criminal act! That is the low – same as American!!!
    Is it there something unclear?!
    The gay took off, American official are mad!! Well, is happen to you too, you are not special and above other people, or you thing that you are?! If you do, than I believe, you have some serious issues!
    You try to teach other nation and people about democracy and that no one is above a low! Why now you try to be above, when you asking Serbian governrment to do against their low?!

  4. Chris

    This behavior is so typical – Serbs are enabled to evade the law, enabled by their parents, its citizens and its government.

    Their public image keeps going deeper and deeper in the toilet.

    As far as the NATO bombings, may I remind those defensive Serbs on this commentary that NATO intervened in a war caused by Serb agressors with the full support of the JNA and the “Yugoslav” government at the time, a people that were committing gross acts of genocide and ethic cleansing.

    The bombings were retaliatory and miniscule compared to the Serbian government and its citizens actions at the time.

    As the forum clearly pointed out, Mladic, Karadzic and now Kovacevic walk freely – actions speak a thousand words.

  5. Aleksandar

    My Good! This would be so funny if it’s not so tragic. What are you talking about??? Due to student fight, whole US government is UP. Ambassadors, foreign ministers. This world is all crazy. I’m sick and tired of this VIOLENT SERBS story. The nation that based its existence on violence and double standards is imposing its opinion on the justice???
    Your ignorance it’s not even funny. And this Chris that is so much familiar with the Serbian violent history. You should open some books and reed some articles about your own country, other “democratic” countries also and of course you should be more interested in NATO bombing. Investigate it more. Investigate why your country don’t attack Sudan. Millions are starving there. Why not bomb them or they are just not as important as Albanians are. We are not even little babies for you.
    It’s a shame that once a leader in human rights and freedoms become what it is. Shame!
    Yes. I’m angry. Angry on stupidities.

  6. Chris

    This is about a student from Serbia, who came to the US on a student visa that almost killed another student by kicking him in the face and the head, till his skull fractured and his brain became swollen. This Serb student was twice the size of the victim. The victim is fighting for his life.

    This is about the students mother going to the Serbian embassy and possibly bribing them to falsify documents and get her son out of the US and evade justice. The consulate representative is “on vacation” and cannot be reached for comments. He will also be arrested for violating several US laws.

    These are the facts, and since he is Serb, all the commentaries by the Serbs on this forum are for keeping him in Serbia and evading justice.

    As for the US, and it’s double standards, comment on an article that deals with those things as they occur. This forum is about Kovacevic and how his mother and the Serbian government enabled him to evade justice!!!!

    If that were your son or brother that was almost killed, your opinions would differ. But he is your own, and you come up with vague reasons to protect him. Interesting, and we speak of ignorance!!!!

  7. John

    CHRIS, please don’t make me laugh so hard my ears will eventually fall off and you are to blame.
    “out of the US and evade justice”
    U R insinuating that only in our country justice can be reached? Is that our answer for the cries of Japanese women&children when we return home for trial every single American citizen despite of what they have
    done – raped,killed or something even worse? Where is your sense of justice?
    If someone grabs your girlfriends ass U would probably run scared and left her in the arms of the graber?

  8. Bojana

    It is sad that Kovacevic showed no self-control and another human being was hurt by his insane rage. He does need to be tried and punished accordingly. Where? I really don’t care, because I don’t consider him a human being after all that violence .
    However, you have no right to attack the whole nation and bring up things you obviously know nothing about. You are just repeating things you were spoon-fed by CNN. Go get an opinion of your own. Ignorance is bliss, but I would not flaunt it if I were you.

  9. Davorin

    First and foremost, Kovacevic is presumed innocent until proven guilty. That’s how it works in the US judicial system. Even if the news reports are accurate, it must be proven beyond a resonable doubt in a court of law. Kovacevic could have had his day in court had he not fled.

    Nonetheless, a Serbian *government official* was directly involved in what clearly appears to be an obstruction of justice issue. And that’s the problem. The Serbian government must now decide what should be most important to the Serbian people.

    In that respect, the Serbian government has every right to shield one of its own citizens from prosecution in a foreign country, but to what price? $50+ million in aid from the US? Admission to the EU? More stereotyping of being a “nation of thugs”?

    It seems like the Serbian people have been royally screwed by their leaders ever since the former Yugoslavia disintegrated. Is this going to be another example?

  10. Chris

    No ignorance on my part – my family is from the area, and I read Serbian rather well. So all the comments posted by your fellow countrymen with reference to this topic on the other forums, I can understand it all. They call him a hero! In the same breath, most of them have referenced Greater Serbia to Tokyo, sound familiar? CCCC, three fingers, shall I translate to our American audience???

    Any of those few reasonable countrymen from Vojvodina that have publicly stated that Miladin should give himself up, were verbally abused and called traitors among other colorful things.

    If we are speaking about a person from the Balkan area and surroundings, if this were a Muslim, Croat, Slovene, Albanian, regardless of ethnicity, the person needs to be brought back as he violated laws here in the US, end of story.

    Miladin has no only wronged the victim here, he also dealt a hard blow to an already damaged Serbian image. Supporting him only reinforces this negativity.

  11. Chris

    John, PUH-lease, my ass has been grabbed a few times in my lifetime, I was able to deal with it myself, no need to have my significant other put the jerk in a coma.

    If you think this is sufficient reason to inflict this much harm to another person, you need help.

  12. DOMINO





  13. Ida

    It should be pointed out that two other guys who are Bosnian Muslims are being charged with the attack as well. It was the girlfriend of one of the Bosnian Muslims (Sanel Softic) who he (Softic) believed was grabbed or being pursued by Bryan Steinhauer.

    The fight started between Softic and Steinhauer. Then Steinhauer is said (by both the girlfriend and Softic) to have head-butted Softic and given him a bloody nose.

    Only after there was a fight and then physical violence already by Steinhauer did Kovacevic step in.

    There was an 80 page police report briefly released before it was rescinded and now the city won’t allow it to be released.

    Some who’ve read it claim that the fight took place outside the bar (that Steinhauer had followed the girl/them outside) and that’s where the fight happened.

    The “witnesses” in the story make no mention of the other two involved despite the police report (which must have had other, probably more reliable and accurate witnesses) which mentions them as fighting. Even Sanel Softic is quoted as saying he did hit Steinhauer – though he hedges himself both way. He says he hit him but not on his head. I figure that some witnesses saw him or he confessed so he can’t deny hitting him, yet he is trying to evade responsibility for any head injury.

    I find it hard to believe that an extremely angry and suspicious boyfriend who initiated the confrontation with Steinhauer, then was head-butted by him would refrain from hitting that same head/face which cause him pain/injury.

    Some who read the police report believe it was the two Muslims who did the beating once he was on the ground.

    The girlfriend says that Steinhauer also threw a punch but doesn’t know if it was towards her boyfriend or Kovacevic (“Minja” she called him). But Kovacevic claims he was hit in the side of the head by Steinhauer.

    They all claim that Steinhauer was drunk, but the police have released no blood alcohol levels.

    Further, Kovacevic’s mother believes that Bryan Steinhauer’s current condition is better than what we are lead to believe.

    His parents are contradictory with his mother claiming he’s still in a coma but his father telling CNN the other day that Bryan yells out and cries out when he sees them (the parents) and has a “tortured look” on his face as he gets more and more awareness of what happened to him.

    I think the father blew the cover of the lie that he’s still in a coma.

  14. Ida

    “John, PUH-lease, my ass has been grabbed a few times in my lifetime”

    Chris are you a gay man and a Slovene. Your writing style seems like a Slovene’s and “Chris” is usually a male’s name. Slovene’s have a lot of gays so maybe you got a lot of homosexual “action” from your ethnic kin.

  15. limbic

    Folks, Limbic here. Anyone posting racist or homophobic material will have their comments deleted.

    I think there is no doubt that Kovacevic should face trial and the official that abused diplomatic privileges to help him escape should be punished.

    At the same time I think the US papers are overdoing the “Serb Thug” angle (as usual) but they have been gifted this opportunity by the official who helped Kovacevic.

    When a group of Kosovar Albanians were arrested for plotting to attack Fort Dix in New Jersey, their nationality was a footnote. Had Kosovar or Albanian authorities helped them flee justice, it would have been headline stuff, just like Kovacevic.

    Serbs and Serbia are under very fierce propaganda attack and severe global scrutiny. Under those circumstances it is imperative that citizens and officials act impeccably. The corrupt and idiotic look-after-our-own sort of lunacy that aided Kovacevic gives memetic nuclear weapons to the enemies of Serbs and Serbia.

  16. Chris

    Ida, LOL, is that all u can come up with?

    Actually I am a tall woman, near 6 feet tall, blonde blue eyed, and not Slovene. Cheers

  17. Chris

    Domino, fairly decent post, except you need to increase the font and a make your font a little bolder LOL

    I guess Bojana is muta as we say, the three finger salute was popularized by Vuk Draskovic as a nationalist/fascist symbol leading up the war waged against Croats and Bosnian Muslims. It originated in some painting (Obrenovic) many years ago as well.

    But it is also supposedly a symbol of the trinity and the way Serb Orthodox cross themselves.

    However, I always examine the meaning in context, the Serb militias used this sign when the subjugated villages in Croatia and Bosnia, just see any videotape.

    Therefore given the nature of its predominant use, it is a serbian fascist symbol, much like seig Heil. If a clerygyman used it, or people in prayer, my opinions would differ.

    And CCCC, means only “Unity Saves the Serbs”. The influence of the symbol, Milosevic’s infamous use, had these C’s staged as a backdrop in his Kosovo speech in 1989, from that point on, hell was being staged against the Croatian and Bosnian civilian population. Just a few short years later, hell was unleashed.

    Both symbols used in most contexts, written (just check out posts on forums and you tube) and as seen my militia use it for nationalistic, imperialistic premises. It means to subjugate and conquer.

    Someone that posts Serbia to Tokyo, or Serbian Krajina, or Serbian Bosnia and follows with above symbols is not a peaceful person, this is someone filled with hate and vehement nationalism.

  18. domino

    Well Chris , you made youself a dushbag.

    Not couse you dont know things, you are dushbag couse you belive what is that benefits you the most.You are to intellegent to be misled , that gives me only one option — a dushbag.
    You can dance that is for sure, around words , meanings ,statements , like a little politican.
    You can mix and match, fiction and lies with real historical facts so you get ground for you remarks.
    And unfortunatly many will belive you, and you’ll mislead them , and you migh be proud of yourself …unresponsable behavior

    Three fingers means Holly trinity- and nothing else , all else is abuse of the sign.It’s predominant use is in church where finger are put together, it is used more in soccer games than anywere else , but that is far away from your eyesite and tapes you watch,,,,
    CCCC four S(C is S in cirilic) is old Serbian sign that stands for ONLY UNITY SAVES SERBS
    it is among Serbs since 1389 and Battle for Kosovo (Serb Kingdom aginst Otomani Empire)so it was is use 600 years before Milosevic , Draskovic, Me and you..and of course it is used by many, it is on flags and written on walls and that is abuse of it witch you wont admit in you statement… and that it why you are a dushbag
    what kind of D… you are let me tell tou
    that Serbia to Tokio is slogan from a motion picture
    Srpska Krajina was serbian couse it was populated 80% by Serbs(before 91 war) now is gone couse of ethnic clensing (95)250.000 people was pushed out from their land into exile…
    Serbian Bosnia never exsted ,Republic Serpska does ad it is 49 % teritory of bosnia and hercegovina
    It is sad that you have courage to put yourname on this bord and write like that , that why i have courage to call you dushbag …. you give me that right and i thank you for id

    Again, for Miladin is best to find a exellent lawyer who will represent him in court in us if he is afraid to come to trail he shoul wait until is over and then come to do his time, i hope he’l come to his senses and realize that is better to do time than be fugutive all his life
    I feel for Brian and his family and i wish him quick recovery and happy life after

  19. Chris

    Poor Domino, you need to re-read my post slowly, however, I realize it doesn’t really matter, you already have a self-fulfilling prophecy about my opinions.

    Actions speak louder than words – intents of use change through generations. Can you admit that your former government twisted the use of these sacred symbols plus other folk stories to rise you up and give reason and justify their imperialistic aims?

    The world sees the use of these symbols in a negative light, I always administer my opinions in context.

    People in prayer, different story. Serb militias or the tons of balovac types posting pro-hate, nationalistic themes, and attaching these symbols – like I said, actions speak louder than words.

    I respect your opinions about Miladin and company, like I said before you have some sense of humanity, as for your other flagrant insults, I guess you cannot help yourself.


  20. domino

    Chris, since you were not able to admit your mistake about your previous post and comments, i think you owe appologies to all people you have insolted by making analogy between three fingers and Nazi sign
    Apology is also be done by people who abused it in any other way

    no need to re read ,quote
    Actions speak louder than words – intents of use change through generations. Can you admit that your former government twisted the use of these sacred symbols plus other folk stories to rise you up and give reason and justify their imperialistic aims?

    Just read it , you are too smart, putting me , former goverment, symbols, war, imperialistic aims all in one sentace.
    CHRIS , just fool can take you for real.
    You overegzagurate negative notes,buld your case , make point and then generalization takes place, wich by the way makes you not responsable for what you say ,couse that is , oh ,public opinion so you chose to hid behind it.
    Placement of own opinion as public is not anything new and it is used every day in every media around world.. you are just tring to use same tool… well it is no go here

    since you skipped comments about things you were wrong i’ll remind you
    that you were wrong in all your comments and their content was false and it is driven to misled reader to wrong conclusion, you dont mention part of comments were you lost ground, but you will move on to other topic to gain some wind … it is no go here
    Every person with mid level knowlage of recent and 5 decades history knows that what you write is BS. Putting Serbs and Nazi in sentance that caries same meaning about both is simply fatal for you.700.000 serbs were killed by Nazi and only nation in Europe that shated nazi camps with Jews were Serbs, I’m proud for it.
    Just listening to you and staff you put together to make sance of your comment is sickening.
    Sorry but you are D….

  21. Jessie

    JIM J, with ignorant statement like that you better put a condom on – if you’re gonna act like a dick you need to dress like one!!!

    As for this case,I am an American, and should this situation apply to citizens of every country the US chooses to let in, SP? Kovacevic is not the first, nor will he probably be the last, accused criminal to escape to a foreign country. He understood the system and is trying to play it. Hell, no we shouldn’t “call it even”, but at the same time, this should not be used to try and convict Serbia in the press– especially when they haven’t even received an extradition request from the US!

    This is more anti-Serb from the MSM. Kovacevic’s & his nationality has gotten more press than the fact that four of the FT. Dix Six were Kosovo Albanians! The press is just trying to cash in on another “Let’s hate the Serbs” story and I find it pretty disgusting!

  22. jan andersen

    Okay …. So a vice consul at the Serbian embassy did something he was not supposed to do: Issue a temporary passport. The Serbian government then recalled him, and (I assume) is currently conducting an investigation of the case.

    Anyone have a problem with that? No? Good, because every country would have reacted the same way.

    And no, the US could not touch the vice consul, because he is protected by the Vienna convention (or whatever it is called). This protection sometimes seem unfair, but I think it is an unnecessary evil we have to live with if international diplomacy shall survive.

    Now, to extradite or not…

    First off, the US should get its ass in gear and start the necessary paperwork. Complaining to the press and in the media will do nothing.

    Secondly, very few countries will blindly hand over their citizens to another country’s legal system just because the other country says “Please – he is evil”. In almost all cases the home country will want to examine the case, look at any evidence, read police reports etc. And sometime they will simply decide that “No, there is not enough evidence here”, “Sorry, but we don’t believe she will get a fair trial in your country”, or “Sorry, he might have done something that is illegal in your country, but it is not illegal here, so you can’t have him”.

    It is all very common.

  23. Alex

    Congrats to American media on NOT mentioning the other two people who were involved in the assault, Sanel Softic & Edin Dzubur (must be Serbs with names like that). So it was a ‘Yugoslav’ assault rather than a ‘Serb’ assault, but who cares for small details????

    The point is that by omitting the basic facts from the story about the other two, we are led to believe that this is about a ‘Serb’.

    It is generally standard journalistic practice to pad out the main story, here that the serb in question ran away, with further details of the actual event that lead to this serb running away. It adds balance to the story and places the main story in its full context.

    Any one can take an isolated incident out of a story and the reader is left with a totally different view. One is properly represented, the other is not – whether by ommission, laziness or editorial ‘direction’.

    Failing to mention the other suspects in the case only serves to reinforce pre-baked media bias who are only interested in seeing the story in one light, namely “Serbs=Evil”. It is a continued association and simplification.

    We should expect as minimum a balanced and concise reporting. Considering the ‘ethnic’ sensitivities such a story has, I believe it was wrong to leave out information about the other two, regardless of their background. So, instead of a bunch of ex-Yugos kicking the sh*t out of the locals, we get the impression it was just a Serb who did it and ran away.

  24. DOMINO

    translation of (Serb To English)

    Means( Samo Smrt Spasava Serbe ).

    is “only death saves serbs”.

    this have no merrit….FT $ Chris work together now….

    Post should be removed

    “what goes around comes around” shall se…

  25. Goran

    Chris, you don’t have a slightest idea what you are talking about. Your post are full of contradictories and mixed facts. “NATO intervened in a war caused by Serb aggressors”. Ridicilous. Google it and learn to spell for God’s sake! Aren’t you supposed to be an American with a name like Chris!?

  26. Ana

    Citajuci komentar pametnog Chrisa,koji kaze da moze da cita srpski,evo na srpskom cu mu napisati da nema POJMA o cemu proca!
    Uporedjivati ono sto je Srpska vlada ucinila u ovom slucaju i bombardovanje NATO-a gde je TOLIKO ljudi poginulo,gde su nas ozracili da sada skaki treci stanovnik ima rak,JE TOLIKO SULUDO I GLIPO,da ja ne mogu da verujem sta citam!
    Kome jos danas trebaju Amerikanci?
    Pa ceo svet vas mrzi!Jako ste mi “superiorni”.
    Eto to CHRIS nacitaj se!!!

  27. yoyo

    typical violent serb, with a blame everyone else attitude. you dont like the USA then leave. please. that simple.


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