Microtrend: Recreational Vehicles become full-time homes

[Looks like I was ahead of myself! Check out my post from 2002 asking “Are Bruce Sterling’s White Trash Nomad Hordes Being Realised?“]

In this week’s Cool Tools Kevin Kelly has a great piece on Bookdock RVing , a guide to nomadic RV (Recreational Vehicle or Motorhome) life.

It seems that motorhomes and nomadic camping have become much more popular and “cooler”1 in recent years.

After reading about the the growing number of US “Car Sleepers” – people who live in their cars –  described as “the new homeless”2, it occurred to me that they may be on to something.

If you live in a highly volatile country prone to natural disasters or civil disorder due to economic collapse, perhaps having a mobile home would be a very good idea, especially one of these off-the-grid solar powered machines described in Bookdoock RVing.

You could dodge the weather or trouble, set up home pretty much anywhere and simply move if trouble came your way again. If you are armed, travel in convoy, port your own emergency rations and an inflatable boat, you might be the safest people anywhere.

In Bruce Sterling’s sci-fi thriller “Distraction” he describes a collapsed United States where nomadic hordes of the former middle class roam the country,  living on bio-engineered grass and selling their services as mercenaries or labour in exchange for fuel.

Cpuld Bruce have seen a dystopian future for us all? 21st Century Oakies fleeing the ravages of the depression clog the crumbling interstates of a ruined US as they migrate to Canada, Scottish lakes drunk dry by the motorised refugees of a deluged England, starving Germans attack a laager of circled winnebegos containing Irishmen gradually fighting thier way to the fabled safety of Denmark..


[Update: I recently foucn this sad but engrossing wikihow topic: “How to Live in Your Car”]

  1. See Times Online “How the motorhome changed gear and drove up cool street
  2. This story is not really new, in 2006 the New York Times covered the same phenomenon.

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