Met start to nail ethnic mafia

Radical action was needed to slow the murder rate in the capital, which is growing rapidly due to drug mafia violence. No doubt there will be moans from the £95,000 a year lay race advisors, who like the old Soviet political commissars, have to be consulted before these sorts of actions can be taken.

I read somewhere yesterday (or the day before) that the lay race advisors were not consulted before the Finsbury Park raid. Damned right. They should have no veto and are a massive security risk. They can find out after the fact.

I also read today in the Guardian that “One of the world’s leading Islamic scholars denounced the police raid as “a desecration” yesterday. Professor Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the president of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, condemned Islamist extremism but added: “This does not justify the police to desecrate the sanctity of the mosque, the house of God should not be stormed in this way. Have the police in Britain ever stormed into a church?”.

If the Professor had bothered to read about the raid, he would know that the worship area was not entered, only the offices of the Mosque. It is the equivalent of raiding the vicars cottage or the priests offices rather than storm troopers kicking over the sacristy and pissing of hosts. And yes, churches have been raided. More would be raided if they harboured terrorists and counterfeiters, but they don’t.

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