Marked-up birds become sexier, exude testosterone – Los Angeles Times

WASHINGTON (Associated Press) – A little strategically placed makeup quickly turns the wimpiest of male barn swallows into chick magnets, amping up their testosterone and even trimming their weight, new research shows. It’s a “clothes make the man” lesson that — with some caveats — also applies to human males, researchers say.

Using a $5.99 marker, scientists darkened the rust-colored breast feathers of male New Jersey barn swallows, turning lighter birds to the level of those naturally darkest.

They had already found, in a test three years ago, that the marked-up males were more attractive to females and mated more often. This time they found out that the more attractive appearance, at least in the bird world, triggered changes to the animals’ body chemistry, increasing testosterone.

Marked-up birds become sexier, exude testosterone – Los Angeles Times

So here we see a classic cascade: Increased attractiveness leads to organic changes that lead to even more attractiveness.

The lesson here is arrest and declines (in status or attractiveness) early and forcefully. Otherwise fake it until you make it.

The “seduction community” to their credit has been saying this for years regarding inner game. 

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