Ironic: Serb arrested for not serving in Croatian army

by Limbic on June 18, 2008

PARAĆIN — An ethnic Serb driven out of Croatia in 1991 was Sunday arrested by Croatian police on charges that he did not serve in that country’s armed forces.
Saša Cvetojević, a refugee with residence in Paraćin, Serbia, was detained as he was crossing the border into Serbia.

Paraćin’s Center for Communication Pravda said in a statement that Cvetojević previously crossed into Croatia with no problems, to travel to his native Zagreb.
He planned to arrange his documents, renew contacts with friends, and explore possibilities of returning home.

The statement from the center adds that Cvetojević was arrested "like the worst of criminals, pushed into a police van and driven to the notorious Remetinec prison".

Imagine being imprisoned for going AWOL from an Army that was Ethnically Cleansing your people from the country. It is just another Balkan Kafka moment.

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