Ironic night in Belgrade

by Limbic on June 20, 2008

Firstly, the sight of Serbs firstly cheering for the old enemy Croatia, then genuinely sad at their loss, but possibly only because they were playing the older enemy Turkey.

Even the Bosnians were shouting for Croatia tonight (take a bow Miralem).

It was not the 5 goal classic that was Portugal vs Germany last night, but it was not a bad match and there is no doubt Croatia were the vastly better team.

Secondly, I witnessed the strange sight tonight of a group of Roma troubadours on Skadarlija gawping in genuine fascination at a party of Indian tourists. It was as though they recognized their genetic brethren or perhaps they thought they were witnessing the miracle of a group of wealthy Roma touring up Skardarlija.

The Indian people looked very nice, beautifully dressed, happy and relaxed. We Europeans can expect greater and greater numbers of Asian tourists in future as our world flattens and the mega-economies of China and India level up with the EU and USA.

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