Heart disease, number one killer in Serbia

by Limbic on September 19, 2008

This comes as no surprise when one sees Serbia’s national cuisine and the smoking rates here.

60 percent of all deaths in Serbia are caused by cardiovascular diseases, records show.

This puts Serbia at Europe’s second and the global third place on the list of deaths caused by heart-related illnesses.

President of the Serbia Fund for Your Heart organization Miodrag Ostojić says that the death rate caused by heart diseases is two to three times higher than in developed countries.

“Certain factors such as age, sex or hereditary disease cannot be treated, but we can influence those that we cause ourselves, such as smoking, physical inactivity, bad diet, obesity and high blood pressure, and the percentage of fat in the blood,” Ostojić said.

He added that any disease related to heart and blood vessel before the age of 80 is the patients’ “own fault”.

From B92 – News – Society – Heart disease, number one killer

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