Harvesting kidneys from abducted civilians in Organ Farms


[UPDATE DEC 2010: Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hacim Thraci, has been accused of being a Mafioso whose organisation has trafficked in human organs, people, drugs and weapons. See: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/dec/14/kosovo-prime-minister-llike-mafia-boss and http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-11996255 ]

The headline sounds like one of those pitches movie makers have to give to studio executives where they summarise their proposed film in one line.

This one sounds like an episode from one of those cheesy sci-fi shows in the 70s featuring with an unbelievable plot that even the keenest fans deride.

The real horror here is that this headline is true.

It is almost certain that you have not heard about this before now (possibly because it contradicts the grand narrative of Serbs as Balkan baddies), but the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) were, according to Carla Del Ponte’s new book Hunt, selling organs harvested from Serb and other non-Albanian prisoners to brokers in Albania.

From B92 – “KLA sold Kosovo Serb organs in Albania

BELGRADE — The prosecutor is to look into the sale of organs of Kosovo Serbs who vanished during and after the 1999 bombing.

“We are checking some informal statements we obtained through operative work that, in 1999, two trucks carrying imprisoned Kosovo Serbs were sent to Albania,” said War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević.

He said that the informal information had been obtained from Hague Tribunal investigators.

According to those sources, there are unregistered mass graves with bodies of murdered Serbs in Albania.

In her book, “The Hunt”, to be published in Italy on April 3, the former Hague Tribunal Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte states that, during investigations into war crimes committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, against Serbs and other non-Albanians, the prosecutor’s office was informed that persons who disappeared during the Kosovo conflict were used in organ smuggling operations.

The office obtained information that UNMIK investigators and officials had received from groups of so-called reliable journalists, according to whom, Kosovo Albanians had transferred 300 Serb and other non-Albanian hostages in trucks to northern Albania in the summer of 1999.

…According to journalist sources, the younger and fitter prisoners were examined by doctors, got food and were not beaten. After that, they were kept in custody in other centers in Burel and the surrounding area.

…doctors extracted prisoners’ organs.

Afterwards, the organs, according to the sources, were sent abroad from Rinas airport near Tirana where they were used in transplantations for patients who had paid for it.

…Describing detailed information she has on the matter, Del Ponte writes that detectives had had to give up on this case because further investigation had proved “impossible”.

It turns out to be “impossible” actually convict Albanian war criminals. Just last week the radical and extremist parties of Serbia were given a huge boost (in the run up to critical elections in May) when former nightclub bouncer and KLA Commander Ramush Haradinaj was “acquitted” at the Hague tribunal of torture, murder, rape and deportation of non-Albanians. The reason was given as a “lack of evidence”.
The problem, we are told, is that the prosecution could not provide enough witness testimony . Perhaps this had something to do with the fact that nine witness linked to the Haradinaj case have been killed since 2003 , with one other surviving an assassination attempt?
Since the International Courts and Tribunals are either openly biased against Serbs (Institutionally Serbophobic) or at best ineffectual, Serbs are turning to civil courts to try and get justice. From BLIC newspaper in Serbia, “Families of killed Serbs announced lawsuit against Carla Del Ponte

The Association of the families of Serbs abducted and killed in Kosvo shall sue the former chief prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal Carla Del Ponte for hiding of crimes committed against Kosovo Serbs by Kosovo Albanians that abducted and killed them, the president of that association Simo Spasic said.

‘In 2004 Del Ponte told us in The Hague that she had information that all abducted Kosovo Serbs were killed later on. She, however, has not told us that before they were killed, their body organs were taken out and sold’, Spasic told ‘Dan’ daily of Podgorica.In her book ‘Hunt’ that is to appear in the bookshops in Italy at the beginning of April, Del Ponte wrote that the Hague prosecution came to knowledge while investigating crimes committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) against non-Albanian population that the people that disappeared were forcefully submitted to surgery in which their organs were taken out and then smuggled and sold to the clinics in Europe under patronage of the KLA.

‘Del Ponte hid the truth and kept silent on the horrible crimes against the abducted Serbs. She thus helped the crime although the list with the names of abducted Serbs was given to her as early as in 2001. She knew that and failed to raise a single indictment for that crime. That makes her responsible’, Spasic said.

See also: “Del Ponte received data on mass graves

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