Hamas mine may have caused beach massacre

by Limbic on June 14, 2006

from Gaza Beach Libel

Following Palestinian claims and the media reports of Israeli culpability in deaths on a Gaza beach, the real story emerges…

…It is now becoming clear that, despite the claims of the Palestinians and the international media’s rush to blame Israel, the deaths of seven Palestinian civilians on a beach in Gaza on 9 June were not caused by the IDF. Investigations by the IDF and others over the past few days have revealed new evidence that a Hamas mine was in fact the cause of the beach blast

[Update via Hermit: The Israeli claims are (unsurprisingly) disputed. The Independent is challenging the Israeli version, quoting a human rights worker with military experience who has examined the scene.

My own position is simple. If it was an Israeli shell, then it is a terrible tragedy but I blame Hamas for rocketing Israel and bringing down this counter battery fire. If it is not an Israeli shell, then it is yet another deposit in Hamas’s death bank anyway. Either way, I blame Hamas entirely]

[Update 2: Looks like Israel is completely innocent]

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Das Hermit June 14, 2006 at 4:01 pm

Jonathan, you might yet regret this post.

People in the know are saying that the denial that it was Israeli fire from their patrol vessels is disingenuous at best, specious at worst. The deaths appear to have been caused by head and torso shrapnel injuries resulting from a 150/155mm shell (G5/G6/M109). So far as I am aware, unlike the Israelis, the Palestinians don’t have access to these (or any other really efficient anti-personnel weapon systems), and while these guns are not fitted to any Israeli patrol vessels, they are the IDF’s stand-off weapon of choice for terrorising and killing Palestinians. Given that it is unlikely that anybody was playing under a suspended shell, unless it is asserted that the Palestinians on the beach, like the supporters of the Zionists, had their heads buried in the sand, the injuries are inconsistent with the IDF’s self exoneration.

Refer also: http://news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east/article994070.ece



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