Hague won’t investigate war crimes against Serbs…

by Limbic on May 20, 2008

….but promise to keep pursuing Serb suspects indefinitely.

Hague won’t investigate KLA organ trade allegations

THE HAGUE — The UN war crimes court in The Hague says it will not open an investigation into the alleged organ harvesting of the Kosovo Serb victims.
Spokeswoman Olga Kavran said Saturday that the Prosecutor’s Office has received several requests regarding the case, and that it would provide all the information it has, but that the exit strategy for the Tribunal prohibits it from conducting new investigations.

Well that is handy. Now the full truth about crimes AGAINST Serbs is finally emerging, and the Hague has closed its doors on new cases.

But wait, what is this? Has the Hague changed its mind?

All fugitives to be brought to justice

LJUBLJANA — Hague Tribunal President Fausto Pocar says the court must not stop its work until all the war crimes fugitives have been brought to justice.

Great! Oh wait, its  not War Criminals are all. It is only Serb fugitives they are interested in..

"Radovan Karadžić, Ratko Mladić, Stojan Župljanin and Goran Hadžić must be arrested and tried in the Hague,” said Pocar, who is on an official visit to Bosnia-Hercegovina.

The Hague Tribunal president said that the fact that they were still at large “casts a stain on the commitment of the whole of the international community in implementing justice, when it comes to war crimes committed on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.”

Speaking in Sarajevo, he said that he would recommend to both the Security Council and the General Assembly that the Tribunal continue its work until all the suspects have been arrested, report Slovenian media."

So the fact that there are still Serbian war criminals at large is "a stain on the commitment of the whole of the international community in implementing justice, when it comes to war crimes committed on the territory of the former Yugoslavia" but the refusal to even investigate the disappearance and possible use in Organ Farming of 400 missing non-Albanians in Kosovo is NOT?

Yet another blow against the Hague, which history will come to see as a another grossly biased show trial sharing infamy with the efforts of Mr Stalin and McCarthy. 

I find myself agreeing with Human Rights Watch (HRW)

"Kosovo must come clean on missing Serbs"

NEW YORK — A senior Human Rights Watch (HRW) official has called on Priština to investigate the fate of more than 400 missing non-Albanians in Kosovo.

In this way, Fred Abrahams argues in a commentary carried by BIRN, "it would prove it cared for all its citizens, regardless of ethnicity".

Carla Del Ponte’s book, Abrahams says, with allegations concerning the possible trafficking of prisoners’ organs from a mysterious yellow house near the Albanian town of Burrel, "has led to Serbian officials exaggerating the claims, while officials in Priština and Tirana called them a slanderous lie".

"The accusations and denials obscure a fundamental point. Whether or not it’s proven that a trade in human organs took place, no one denies that about 400 people – most of them Serbs – went missing in Kosovo after the war."

This year Serbs have watched flagrantly guilty Serb killers go free and serious war crimes committed against Serbs ignored by the agency set up to serve justice.

Hague apologists have many excuses – witness programs failed, we cannot go on forever, the rules say we cannot open more investigations.

These excuses mask the fact that the Hague has utterly failed the Serbs.

Who speaks for the deracinated Serb refugees living in poverty, or the abducted girls sold into sexual slavery or those merely killed and left in unmarked graves? Well not the Hague or the EU or the USA.  They are not interested bringing justice to those victims or their families.

So do not be surprised that the people of Serbia hate the Hague as so many do. They are right to call "foul" on the  travesty that is the Hague. One day I hope a proper Truth and Reconciliation  Commission – free of political manipulation and lies – will properly account for what really happened here.

In that account the Serbs might actually get some justice and truth, something they are starved of and desperately need.

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