Geneticists drop a massive bombshell on Anthropology and Sociology

by Limbic on March 10, 2006

In one of the possibly the most important papers of the early century, 60 years of sociological orthodoxy has been destroyed.

From the New Scientist come ” Many human genes evolved recently”.

Human genes involved in metabolism, skin pigmentation, brain function and reproduction have evolved in response to recent environmental changes, according to a new study of natural selection in the human genome.

Researchers at the University of Chicago, US, developed a statistical test to find genomic regions that evolution has favoured over the last 15,000 years or so – when modern humans dealt with the end of the last ice age, the beginning of agriculture, and increased population densities.

Many of the 700 genes the researchers identified – especially those involved in smelling, fertility, and reproduction – are also suspected of having undergone natural selection during the divergence of humans and chimpanzees millions of years ago.

The New York Times wrote recently

Providing the strongest evidence yet that humans are still evolving, researchers have detected some 700 regions of the human genome where genes appear to have been reshaped by natural selection, a principal force of evolution, within the last 5,000 to 15,000 years.

The genes that show this evolutionary change include some responsible for the senses of taste and smell, digestion, bone structure, skin color and brain function.

Many of these instances of selection may reflect the pressures that came to bear as people abandoned their hunting and gathering way of life for settlement and agriculture, a transition well under way in Europe and East Asia some 5,000 years ago.

Under natural selection, beneficial genes become more common in a population as their owners have more progeny.

Three populations were studied, Africans, East Asians and Europeans. In each, a mostly different set of genes had been favored by natural selection. The selected genes, which affect skin color, hair texture and bone structure, may underlie the present-day differences in racial appearance.

It may underlie the apparent differences in various human groups full stop!

Humans left Africa 50,000 years ago and started living separately all over the world.

In all that time selection pressures have been at work on those populations.

Sociological orthodoxy wants you to believe we are all the same. The growing evidence is pointing at a starkly different conclusion.

Different human populations encountered and were shaped by different selection pressures (including culture). It explains the persistent group differences in intelligence and may even account for some cultural phenomena.

Steve Sailer has a good overview.

The paper causing all the interest is “Global landscape of recent inferred Darwinian selection for Homo sapiens“.

It may also explain Gregory Cochran, Jason Hardy, and Henry Harpending’s theory of why Ashkenazi Jews are so intelligent ( see “The Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence“) .

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